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In this time of global anxiety, of economic turmoil and mass hysteria, Sin, the new Red Skull, has made an awesome discovery…a shameful secret that will rock the foundations of the Marvel Universe! A revelation that will divide father and son, turn friend against friend, and herald the rise of Fear personified.

HE IS RETURNING…and the world has nothing to fear but FEAR ITSELF.

Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen bring fans the biggest Marvel the biggest Marvel event since CIVIL WAR!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger
Colors by Laura Martin
Cover by Steve McNiven, Stuart Immonen & Paolo Rivera

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Soooo first comment, I thought that might be my biggest fear. Looking forward to the immonen art and designs!

  2. The art is hooking me.  Let’s hope the story is the same quality!

  3. This sounds great.  I can’t wait to buy it in graphic novel!  Hopefully in 8 months time.

    (I have no pulls this week.  Finally, switching to trades is working itself out)

  4. While I think this will be good, I don’t feel the driving need to know what its about or what’s going to happen. Then again I haven’t even seen a checklist so I don’t know what titles are going to be effected by the event.

  5. Do I need to read anything else before going into this event?

  6. @MadMartigan  as far as i know nope. fraction has said if you’re even vaguely aware of the marvel u right now you can go in. basically if you know who the major players are like steve rogers, thor, tony stark and that kinda thing you should be fine

  7. Ok I’m in, cause this one changes everything.

    @KickAss  Poser…I kid, I kid.

  8. Not very excited. This feels kind of shoved down our throats, not like Secret Invasion or Siege, that were dealing with themes already present in the universe. (Skrulls and Norman Osborn.)

  9. don’t do it. don’t fall for their event story bullshit

  10. @edward  i don’t go to a hamburger place so i can order a chicken sandwich. if i don’t want event comics i’ll go somewhere else, but i do, cause they’re fun, so i’m here

  11. Readers of the big 2 superheo publishers complaining about summer event books: I honestly think that is as tiresome and expected at this point as the events themselves. I’m excited for this cause reading these big ridiculous summer events are like baseball for me. May not be my favorite but they’re just part of my summer!

  12. I always regretted not picking up civil war, secret invasion, or siege so I’m going for it this time.

  13. Immonen? I’m in then.

  14. What the hell is going on with that Worlds Fastest Man image? 

    Also, that was a great book. 🙂 

  15. Wait, what the hell is going on with my avatar?

  16. Gosh, remember that teaser of Peter Parker looking worried about the stockmarket? This is going to be gripping.

  17. I am looking forward to this. I really enjoyed siege and hope this event will be as good or better. I am OK with events as long as the main event title has a contained story that is a good read.

    For example, I purchased Civil War in a trade after not reading comics regularly for years and I was totally hooked back into the Marvel universe. I did not know anything about what lead up to Civil War and it stood on it’s own as a story and I was able to follow along without reading anything else. Granted I missed some of the nuggets that regular readers would understand but it was still a great story.

    In a nutshell, as long as it is a good story that satisfies the reader by itself I am a lll for an event.

  18. I like the events, but I can’t say I have to be in on them when the happen, day-and-date. I can wait for the trade. I did for Siege, and I cared about that a lot more. That was my fear. It’s been realized. 😕

  19. @Roi: But I like getting chicken sandwiches at burger places!

  20. Looking forward to a non-Bendis event (not a slight to bendis) for a change

  21. What happened to the heroic age?? Fear now???

  22. I am really excited for this.  This will be my first ‘live’ event as I as I only got back into comics again halfway through Seige last year.  Have since been making my way through Avengers Dissassembled through to House of M, Civil War, and about to start Secret Invasion.

  23. I’m in just for Immonen. If the story is good, bonus.

  24. I can’t wait to read this.  I haven’t really followed a major event like this.  I’m really happy that Hulk will have a role in this.  He’s been left out of the company wide events the past few years.

  25. @RoiVampire  Do you go to the burger store to be robbed and get a swift kick in the testicles? because that’s what these events are like

  26. Well Edward it seems we ar eon the same side again! I will be purchasing this issue just because I think we go from DC’s Blackest Night to Brightest Day to Marvel’s Fear Itself. I see a pattern here no matter others say the ideas seem to get repeated from one company to the other like within a years time. How about something original for once from the big 2?? I mention this before and ROIVampire got bent out of shape; I am sorry we are all entitled to our opinion and mine just says-
    NO! NO! NO! NO!   No more!!
       Flashpoint looks intresting brave I say a little more original then war of the lanterns and fear itself.

    Good Luck to all of my freinds here at IFanboy and all my fellow comicbook fans as we head into the summer months; I think we are all going to need it,


  27. @Nightwing1974:  Same thing that happened w/ Brightest Day.  “A new hopeful era where heroes are heroes ..oops sorry about the hand.”

  28. @Flash923: Jeez, relax.  If you don’t think you’ll like it, don’t buy it.  I’m giving #1 a shot.  I may trade wait for the rest, but although this feels kind of Chaos War-like, Immomen usually rocks it.  I also liked Siege last year.

  29. I read Secret Invasion but took a break from events after that. I’ll try #1 before deciding if I’m in or not with this one.

  30. Not going to get caught up in this one_for some reason I just dont care_looking more forward to Flash point

  31. @edward  maybe for you, but i love’em

  32. I always liked big events, I think they’re one of the most fun thing with comics in general.  I like it when an entire company’s line comes together for one big story once a year or so.  The trick is remembering that nobody is making you buy every single side-story or tie-in, just pick up the main run and try to enjoy it for what it is.

  33. @Malecema  exactly. for this one i’m just getting the main mini and the spider-man tie in. both sound awesome

  34. If it’s good I’ll but the trade. If it sucks, I won’t have wasted the hard earned cash or precious time.

  35. Only one angle of this argument I can’t respect and it is not:

    People who are against the event comics.

    People who are for the event comics.

    It is:

    People who are against event comics and still buying them.

    Cats who do that should be ashamed of themselves and not post at all.

  36. I’m torn but I think I’ll be in for #1 and see where it goes. Ron’s review has me thinking it’ll be pretty fun.

  37. I keep hearing people talk about the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe.  There is only one Universe.  Uni is the prefix for One.  What self aggrandizing hubris for them each to have a Universe.  I am experiencing cognative dissonance over this term.  does not compute….does not compute…does not compute….does nnnnnnnnnnn8756&^$^#%$$&*^()*+_(…3.14159

  38. This is my first real event. Kinda excited. Unfortunately my comic shop shuts before i finish work tonight meaning i cant get it tonight. It will have to wait till tomorrow :

  39. Well I love all comics event or ongoing does not matter it just has to be good. We will see tonight as I will buy #1 and then I will go from there. To everyone else good luck!!


  40. Bought it, read it….. just not feeling it. Shame, but I got a feeling the spin off series will be better than this main series.

  41. So far so good. Good issue

  42. I thought this was a very good start and I’m definetly looking forward to the rest of the story.  Love the art in this book.

  43. amazing frist issue of a series that will be amazing as hell.

  44. Fear Itself is off to a good start!

    Did anyone else see the photo of Brubaker, Aaron, Bendis, Hickman and Fraction in the Marvel Architects double page spot and think “Worst boy-band ever!”? It looks like Fraction is wearing Ugg boots! I laughed.

  45. I liked this issue but it wasn’t amazing. It felt like a story that should be told in Thor. I’m assuming that they are going to retcon Thor’s Hammer into one of the Worthy’s hammers that Odin was getting out of the way.

  46. Was very, very pleasantly surprised by this after the Book of the Skull prologue, which I did not enjoy. Definitely on board for the rest.

  47. This was a fantastic superhero comic. Just over the top, epic fun. I feel sorry for fans of superhero comics that won’t even give this a try because it’s an “event.” It basically reads like the first issue of a great Avengers story and it would definitely be very accessible for readers familair with the main cast who havn’t necessarily been reading many of marvel’s main titles lately.

  48. I found it very boring

  49. I thought this was overall disappointing.

    The art was fantastic, but the story didn’t grab me at all.  I think I’m sitting this one out.

  50. Wait, so who’s the guy underwater?

  51. I am so tired of Thor getting his ass kicked.

  52. I’m not much of a marvel reader but I grabbed this issue. It was pretty fun so I’ll stick around to see where it goes.

  53. Conor didn’t include his real estate business in the list of things we needed to know going into the series.
    also, Wade Von Grawbadger’s name is too mighty to be contained by the title page (whoops, Marvel production)

    This was a great first issue. looking forward to the whole event as I will be getting many of the tie-ins.

  54. Good start. Better than anything I’ve read from Fraction in a long while. I am in for reals.

  55. i’m out–same boring thor shit–could care less about red skull or his daughter

  56. @ABirdseysView  What I do on the side is none of your damn business!

    That being said, I’ve got a lovely two bedroom ranch in Broxton that’s priced to move.

  57. I think this was worth it just for Odin freaking out at the Watcher…

  58. Can’t wait to see Galactus cowering in the fetal position in the corner of a slummy apartment with a shadow of a slap over him, tears building in his eyes. We see the back of his undershirt-wearing Dennis Franz looking assailant. Outside an outmoded and ripped up Daily Bugle billboard basks in the reflected glow of a Liquor store’s buzzing red neon sign.

  59. @kenochalek more like best boyband ever, I never finished the book…still staring at the architects in all there glory. In my head bendis is the one that tries to rap.

  60. @rhan  I think Jason Aaron would be the rapper since he’d be the “tough one”, Bendis is the “old one”, Fraction is the hearthrob…and now I’m out of boy-band persona stereotypes.

  61. @markish  Seriously! that was awesome. I was hearing Anthony Hopkins voice while he was shouting at the watcher and calling him a coward

  62. When did Odin get his spear back? I did enjoy this a lot thoguh.

  63. I thought this was pretty terrible. The first half was for Fraction to get on a soapbox and talk about why we suck as a country (we live here, we’re aware). The rest was filled with junk I didn’t understand, nor do I care to. Most events, even if they don’t end on a high note (Civil War, The House of M) had a great first issue, this was not great. Admittedly I’m not into Thor, which is where I felt a lot of this was coming from. I doubt I’ll buy anymore. 

  64. Did all the architects looking completely identical bother anyone else? Is there going to be any alternative viewpoints expressed at Marvel besides “Yeah have him choke the Sentry’s wife!” “Totes!” “Maybe he can let out a little pleasureable grunt after!” “Make mine Marvel!”

  65. why do people always complain about the summer events. It just comes with the industry. if you haven’t figured that out yet you should probably put on one of those helmets for the LD kids. Its just part of comics. You don’t like it? don’t buy and hush. Thats like going to a wrestling match and complaining that it’s “fake.” OF COURSE IT IS! But thats what they pay for!

    This issue was just ok for me. I’m gonna buy the run, and i am interested to see what happens as far as thor being hammerless and grounded. Sin just doesn’t really appeal to me as a villain. Maybe i’m just sexist? Oh, well. We’ll see.

  66. This was AWESOME!  So much more than I was expecting.  Really glad that I avoided as many of the teasers as I could.  Any trepidation that I felt going into this, and there was quite a bit, has been put to bed. Totally onboard.

    I absolutely agree with @ CaseyJustice that this is the best thing out of Fraction in a while.   AND Stuart Immonen ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT!!!   ….as always.

  67. This was great. Loved that the first half was basically just Fraction pitching liberalism in a really heartfelt way.

  68. I really didn’t know what to expect, and I was very pleasantly surprised! I’m loving this thing!

  69. Roivampire I think you like eveything….I have never seen a negative comment on anything in here unless it is directed at someones comments.
      So on that note I must admit it was pretty good start however; the whole hammer play is as I thought. It is not to far off from Blackest Night all of these new rings and colors and meanings and now all of these hammers. I am not disapointed it has been fun for the first issue it just seems very similar just a different object and the quest to find them. Wait Blackest Night and Brightest Day all in one series….HUMMMM?? Sounds good run with it.
      It was a good first book so I will continue to read it and Roi I am just giving you some sh*t, I love that you are also so positive and I know I can expect comments from you and Edward my nemesis  LOL take care all



  70. Uh, Okay? 

  71. @flash923 I just don’t buy books that don’t seem intersting to me. But here are some things I don’t like: jeph loebs hulk, anything else in modern continuity jeph loeb does, hawkman stuff even if Johns writes it, anything by Daniel way or starring Daken, there’s more but what I’m saying is I do my research before I buy. Like this week I bought 4 books, whereas last year I probably wouldve bought 10 and been dissapointed with half of them

  72. It’s shocking to me that the first issue of a major Marvel event doesn’t get more than early 900s in pulls anymore. A few years ago various books were regularly topping 1000. Secret Invasion and Final Crisis did. And Morrison’s Batman stuff used to top 1000 too.

  73. Nothing about this issue really impressed me i am just not into marvel like i use to be. Bring on Flashpoint and lets hope that the Flash title can be released on time. Oh and where the hell is Batwoman #1 already!!

  74. Love the Panel where Bill’s house is being sold by “Kilpatrick Reality”!!! 

  75. I dug this. I think Fraction did some great characterizations. I liked the social parallels. I felt there was some thoughtfulness to it. Plus: Stuart Immonen is awesome. I’m more intrigued by this event story than I have many others that are hoisted onto us. I’m not going to worry about tie-ins unless I like the writing or art.

    I handed this comic to my ladyfriend after I finished. She doesn’t read comics very much. She’s picky, but she enjoyed this. I can see some subtle similarities to Blackest Night, but the attitude of it feels different. It certainly felt like a good Marvel Comic. 

  76. Huh!

  77. Great art but, sadly, Fraction is continuing the horrible staging he had on Thor. This felt more like the lead in to the first issue, it didn’t have the impact of a first issue.
    Things were just tossed out and not built on, the God of Fear escaped but we didn’t see it, we get told about ‘powerful magics’ or something but his introduction was a let down.

    Par for the course, I’m not very high on Fraction right now.

  78. yawn

  79. didn’t knock my socks off.  But I’m willing to read more.

  80. was very entertained while reading it, but realized i didn’t actually know what was going on after reflection. went back and read the prologue, still not 100% sure what this is all about. 

  81. Not really sure what the point of this issue was other than “look at all the superheroes being all big and event-y”. We get to see Odin being a jerk and an abusive father. That may be the high point? Kinda dreary. I’ll give it another issue or two, but I can see myself giving up and checking out the TP from the library later this year. Not thrilled.

  82. Liked it. I’m intrigued.

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