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• The Defenders from the Future hope to set out on the adventure of a lifetime, and only the Fantastic Four can help them get there.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Ryan Stegman
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Ryan Stegman & Paul Mounts

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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    1. KAPOW!!!! (just prefer that than BOOM, for the cover SFX)

      First of Stegman as main artist, even thou it will only be for three issues!

    2. STEGMAN!

    3. Wow.

      This series has turned into tying ALL loose ends!

    4. WHAT TIME IS IT?!


    5. I didn’t start reading this book until after this stuff had taken place… as a result, this issue really didn’t do anything for me.

    6. Another solid issue that continues to tie-up all those loose ends (Millar/Hitch’s run), I wasn’t sure on Stegmans art for this issue & then I read it again, nothing to worry about.

    7. I see spider-man is back is his regular costume now, does that mean he is off the FF team?

    8. Surprised this is not getting more love

      Only 3.4 rating right now?! I thought it was a solid 4 at least. Art was good. Plus they used a dead Galactus as a spaceship!

      This issue was missing conflict though – the Thing VS Banner was a little weak – did not live up to the cover image

    9. A mix of exceptional awesomeness and meh. The Galactus ship was far out, and stegman’s corpse splash page is bad ass. Had to look that up to see what the original art is going for. Overall, this one is three stars for me.

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