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    Story by Jonathan Hickman
    Art by Ryan Stegman
    Colors by Paul Mounts
    Letters by Clayton Cowles
    Cover by Ryan Stegman & Paul Mounts

    Size: 0 pages
    Price: 2.99

    This was an odd issue for me. I was really excited for it because it was Ryan Stegman’s first issue of the series, and I’ve been a big fan of his since reading the She-Hulks mini he did a few years ago. Is it me or does his art look really weird in this issue? I mean, when you look back at Scarlet Spider #1, his art was clean and the colors popped off the page. It looked fantastic. But here, in this issue, his art is scratchy, rough, and dark. Normally, I don’t mind this type of style, but it makes his art look like a cheap version of David Finch. It doesn’t credit an inker in the issue, so I’m assuming Stegman did this himself, which makes me think there’s a purpose. Paul Mounts also colors the issue in really dark, textural tones, which only adds to the effect.

    Maybe this wouldn’t be so noticeable to me if the art wasn’t so tonally off from the story itself. This is a story filled with hope and heavy emotion, one that would benefit from softer tones and and brighter colors. While I thought the story was nice, I fail to see the point of it. Are they just trying to get everything back to square one for October? If so, that’s shame as it makes me feel like they’re wasting the opportunity to have Hickman tell some more meaningful one-shot stories.

    Overall, the issue is good, but not to the level that this series normally shows.

    Story: 3 - Good
    Art: 3 - Good


    1. These Hickman one-shots have been hit and miss. This was ok. Definitely not the crap of the Fantastic Voyage to cure Willie Lumpkin. But, non-essential reading anyway.

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