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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Barry Kitson
Cover by Mike Choi

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 14.3%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. You got the end of the world, the Fantastic Four back together, and now Galactus?

    Hickman I could kiss you!

  2. Man I am excited for this!!

  3. Kitson has been my favorite artist on this Hickman’s run since Eaglesham. Something about it clicks with me a touch better than Epting – so I am pleased by this!

  4. 600 and 601 were incredible, and now I get Galactus too? Holy crap, I love this book.

  5. I don’t usually pick up Fantastic Four but might grab this on the cover alone

  6. So glad I’m getting this.

    I really dig what Hickman has done and is doing with the whole FF/F4/SHIELD/Secret Warriors corner of the 616-verse.

    You guys have great taste in artists: Eaglesham, Kitson and Epting have all done fantastic work on Hickman’s run.

    • I so miss Secret Warriors. Consistantly one of my favorite books during its whole run.

    • I totally missed out on Secret Warriors. Did Marvel get their s**t together and collect it in trades?

    • Secret Warriors is available in 6 trades that look like they collect the entire series.

    • Secret Warriors is complete in six volumes. The HCs have all been released. Volume Six of the TPB is expected soon.

      If you’re enjoying Hickman’s work on FF and F4, I highly recommend reading all of Secret Warriors and SHIELD.

      He weaves together a whole new Marvel history of triple-cross espionage with cosmic chicanery of the wildest sort.

      And uses some characters in really cool and different ways.

    • Secret Warriors will have an omnibus out in July according to amazon.

  7. The most Epic book on the stands right now.

  8. These past couple of issues have been Grade A, super-awesome. Hickman does seem to be a master of the long burn followed by then pulling it all together for epic greatness. He is my favorite Marvel writer right now.

  9. Stoked. I have been off and on with this run. Got the first 2 f4 trades and picked up the death of issue followed by 600 and 601 looks like im sticking around. now if youll excuse me im going to start reading my SHEILD trade.

  10. Was loving Hickman’s Fantastic Four run until the title became FF. The first few issues of FF didn’t grab me and with the high price point of some other titles I dropped FF. After hearing the amazing buzz on Fantastic Four #600, I gave the relaunched Fantastic Four a shot. Issue #600 blew me away and #601 wasn’t too shabby either, so I’m back on Fantastic Four and loving it.

  11. Hickman is showing Marvel brass how to do an event. Story is very big and moving.

    • Great point. The plot in Fantastic Four is more epic and compelling than any line-wide event in recent memory. The Dark Angel Saga, Sinestro Corps, and Second Coming were also great events that took place in a smaller number of titles, specifically 1 for Dark Angel. When it comes to quality events, mini-events are where it is at.

  12. i look forward to this book more than anything else. Though its a bit annoying that you can’t get a mail subscription to Fantastic four only future foundation.

  13. Someone on a CBR board said they read advanced copies and to read FF 14 before Fantastic Four 602 (if you are buying both).

  14. I think, Havok, Polaris, and Marvel Girl should involved in this too. Even though they are back on earth, they have knowledge that the Fantastic Four and the Avengers can use. They have been part of this.

  15. Now these guys remind me why I love comics. Hickman is as good as usual and the art was great.

  16. Now, I get that I’m coming a little late to the party…

    …But how freaking good is Fantastic Four these days? I jumped on for 600 because of the big number and how much people seemed to have been enjoying Hickman on this, and I gotta say, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite Marvel books.

    Which isn’t something I ever expected to say.

  17. A few more books to read, but this is a strong contender for PotW.

  18. I adored this. As a pay-off to EVERYTHING Hickman has been doing since his very first FF story and as an epic story in its own right. Easy POTW.

    If you weren’t ridiculously excited by Galactus’ last line in this book then I don’t think we can be friends…

  19. Wonderful book. Just a perfect superhero comic. Can’t wait for the next issue.

  20. PotW!

    Liked the Kitson art a lot as well as Sue’s characterization.

    What a team comic SHOULD be!

  21. Hickman has won me over.

    I am always wearing of overusing Galactus but… well if you read it, you know.

  22. I grabbed issues 600-602 as I was having a slow week…well needless to say that caused me to have a big week as I has to go back and get the trades to get me up to speed from 570….wow…I have never loved Fantastic Four…this is a damn fine comic book!

    • To be sure, the Fantastic Four comic has had some rough spots and some real gems throughout its long run.

      I think the current run will be seen as a good one, even decades from now.

  23. Loved it.

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