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It’s the return of Galactus, a trip to Nu-World, the Old Kings of Atlantis and Namor, the all-new Yancy Street Gang, and the day the Thing becomes human again.

Join Jonathan Hickman and superstar artist Steve Epting in THREE, part 2: ‘Congratulations, Mr. Grimm…You’re Human Again.’


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  1. So Ben is the one that leaves FF.

  2. Three more issues till causality so I doubt it.

  3. Considering Byrne had him leave during his run I tend to doubt it.  My money is on Reed.

  4. @kmob: agreed. with everything Valeria said and did last issue I tend to think she will step in for Reed while he goes off to do more Reed councie things.

  5. @kmob @USPUNX – It would be interesting to a human Ben, fighting crime. That’s probably not gonna …

  6. I’m betting on Sue, I think her death would do the most damage to the group as a whole and provide the most interesting stories

  7. The first issue of this arc was soooo good. Hickman and Eaglesham work remarkably well together. Personally though I think it will be Sue, only because everyone else doesn’t seem that much impactful if dead.

  8. @USPunx – Throw in the fact that Hickman stated he wanted to make FF focus on the whole family again and it’s the logical choice.  Also, I heard Marvel will be shipping the last issue of this arc in a "death bag" ala Superman #75.

  9. Ssssoooooo good!  Hickman’s run is surprisingly some of the best FF comics ever, and I was very skeptical at first.

  10. Yeah, i’m over Hickman. His story telling style is just a little too empty for me. No satisfaction, just a lot of story idea cock teasing. that’s not fun 

  11. *sigh* does Galactus ever not return?


    @edward i’m with you, I jumped off this sinking ship

  12. I love the FF, but the writers have one of the members quit every few years. No biggie. Whoever it, they’ll be back soon.

  13. @Edward – I’d agree with you on hickman’s writing on Secret Warriors & Shield, but this is different.  His writing works so well in FF, he’s taking the book to new levels while still remaining in the FF style.

  14. yeah, i agree, this is the best of what he is writing. However, to me he is likes a science fiction prose writer that just stops being fun and has become an effort to read and enjoy.

     It’s like the Dune sequels after the original book

  15. Is anyone actually surprised this is not a quick payoff? Have you never read Hickman before?

  16. I love this comic, and God Emperor is the best Dune novel.

  17. Last issue as really strong and Epting is awesome.  I’m hanging on with this one because of last issue.  Before that it had started to lose me with the older Franklin and Val time tearing/reality destroying thing….

  18. @Edward Every Dune sequel should be re-titled "My name is Frank Herbert and I’m smarter than you"  I just stopped halfway through Children of Dune, wasn’t worth it

  19. Really?  You only made it through Children of Dune?  Makes me a little sad.  I’m a weed smoking moron who is admittedly not smart and the only one that gave me trouble was Chapter House.  The story doesn’t even make sense as a whole if you don’t at least make it to God Emperor.  God damn guys, letting me down here.  I guess comic book nerds can’t be expected to understand the greatness that is Frank Herbert.  Oh well.

  20. I really love the Alan Davis cover! This will get a flip test in the store.

  21. @Diebenny I could understand it all but it was just too much explaining and not enough plot or character moments. It just got boring and felt like Herbert was showing off. Plus i was in ninth grade, no patience for anything but stephen king

  22. @USPUNX – Hickman has never finished a Marvel book run yet, so we can’t say how well his endings work.  Jury is still out, but Secret Warriors will finish first.

    I dropped SW after 20 issues just cause it was never fun.  (Though Bendis’s 2 issues with them in NA was great fun)

    FF however, I have fun with every issue he’s been on.  That may be just me or the familiar characters, but there is an entertainment factor here that I don’t get with his other books, even "Nightly News."

  23. @kickass: I was referring more to his creator-owned material. Nightly News and particularly Pax Romana didn’t really come together until the very last issue. Pax Romana didn’t have its conclusion until literally the last word ballon on the last panel of the last issue. Those works are obviously much shorter than any of his Marvel runs, I was just making the point that his work tends to be long and interesting builds to a very late payoff.

    Also SW might not be tons of fun but it is really great character insight into Fury. Probably my favorite super-hero book month in and month out, although FF come close. 

  24. Kickass makes a good point about hickman never finishing a title. Where’s the pay off? how long are were meant to just trudge though? this isn’t fun. 

    @RioVampire: I think every Dune sequel should have been called "My name is Frank Herbert and my editor really doesn’t know what editing is"  

  25. Should I get this and the issue that came before this? I don’t know…it’ll surely be snap judgement at the store.

  26. @comicbookchris: Yes! If you want a good enough recap of previous storyarcs and a badass Valarie/Doom sequence then you should buy both.

  27. The last page of this issue was awesome!!

  28. This was a lot of fun, even if it does ‘retread’ old ground with Grimm turning human again. It was very well written with Johnny and Ben out on the town; and also the tension with Sue/Namor and Reed/Surfer. The art by Epting is also pretty damn good as usual just like last issue. But the one thing that will stay forever with me, and it will be with me for the rest of my life would be: The New Yancy Street Gang. I go more in depth with my review; but that just made my day reading that sequence.


  29. I’m no Hickman fan, but I thought this was great. I’ve been reading FF for years and this just has the feel that is true to the originals but is good as a recent title. I gave it five stars.  

  30. what about Thing being in New Avengers? Does this affect that? Or does that not really matter in current Marvel.

  31. Don’t be a continuity weenie.

  32. This almost made me cry. I loved this. Since Epting joined this book has been perfect. Almost my POTW if Ult. Spider-Man and Scalped hadn’t come out this week.

  33. I had a lot of fun with this. The Yancy Street Gang, Poker match and slick dialog really made this issue for me. 

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