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At collapsed Chronopolis, after the heat death of the universe, Reed, Ben, Doom and Nathaniel Richards battle for both the past and the future. It’s the end of everything as two heroes sacrifice themselves for their family.


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  1. I really wish Hickman would get back to the family stuff, I feel like he hasn’t touched any of that in awhile.

  2. Super sad to say this is the last monthly for me – not because I don’t like it, so much as it’s been so lately I’ve been wanting this in trade-form proper. I’ve double dipped the first arc/5 issues, and will probably do the same for vol. 2 and 3, but to save money, I’ll just wait for the collected editions from here on out. I’m definitely going to need Hickman & Epting’s run on my shelf.

  3. I love this book so much that I want to take it behind the school gym and touch it in an inappropriate manner.

  4. I really like this story, time traveling Reeds teaming up with young Doom. Really want Epting to get here faster.

  5. @JimBilly4 – I feel like Edwards is Epting, light … I miss Dale Eaglesham … 🙁

  6. i miss eaglesham too. Never thought I would say that, seeing as it took me a while to get used to his reed.

    Like all hickman books this is just so big in scope and scale but so intreaguing in the small details.

  7. I really couldnt buy into the last issue. Did anyone else have trouble dealing with the fact there were was too much super science? I’m sad to say it, but I’m out boys. 

  8. I miss Dale Eaglesham very much. No body has captured the over-the-top granduer this book commands.

  9. @simmons: Seriously? In a company where Iron Man is about to provide the world with free, infinite energy with only 3 months of work, where the X-men have a sentient alien super machine as prison warden and cerebra can detect one single gene in mutants anywhere in the world, I mean Iron Man’s suit is stored in the space between his bones, but last issue of FF was too much super science? Compared to everything else Marvel has done I thought last issue felt damn near real science.

  10. This comic seems to go from good to bad like every other issue. We really need to see that magic that made the first couple of issues so great, again.

  11. @mikeandzod21 I totally agree.  I want him to get back to the family too. 

  12. Hickman is always building his books up slowly, brick by brick.  I love the slow burn of it all.  Really pulls me in.  Its to the point where i don’t even care as much about the shit hitting the fan, because the build up to the aforementioned fan slinging shit around the room is just as entertaining.

  13. Hm, well I certainly enjoyed the last issue. It’s pretty much "Hickman being Hickman" at this point, and I’m digging it well enough.

    On the waiting for trades thing, for collections of Hickman’s FF Marvel seems to be:

    -Only packing like five issues into each hardcover.

    -Charging more for the hardcover than the issues collectively cost.

    So, even getting the hardcovers at a 30% Amazon discount (+tax), I don’t see how it makes sense to wait for the collected editions, unless you’re gonna wait a looong time for an Omnibus or for cheapter softcover trades.

    But it just feels wrong to me to buy a collection of anything less than six issues, especially when the collection price is high per issue.

  14. @froggulper – Mhh, it seems to shake out to $2.80 cents an issue, but that’s not counting S&H. I wait for his softcovers, which boil down to about $2 an issue. I think the hardcover over-pricing is victim to FF being one of the (few) titles left at $2.99. The dollars would make sense (ha) if the book was a $4 title.

    …not that I’m asking that this be a $4 title. I’m perfectly happy paying what I pay, Marvel.  

    The super-science is awesome. The family dynamics is awesome. The more I (re)read this series, the more I dig it. 

  15. I concur OttoBott.

  16. The book could always use more Franklin and Valeria (her name sounds like an STD). I dig the super science and this is the perfect book for it. You can’t get more science based than the FF.

    @har13quin: Same here and also never thought I’d say that.

  17. Like all Hickman books I have no clue WTF I just read, but I really enjoyed it!

  18. This book brought the wow.

  19. Some dude was raving about this series in the store, so I read it there but didn’t buy it cus I passed on the previous issues of this arc….I gotta say, was pretty amazed, guess I’ll pick up the trade.

  20. I’m glad Epting is starting next issue, because otherwise I think I would have bailed on this series after this issue.  I just really didn’t get into anything that was happening.

  21. Why does Hickman produce a great issue (last months) then a jumbled mess of a comic like this months issue?

  22. As a long time fan of the FF, ever since I got back into comics, it is one title I always picked up, NO MATTER WHAT. They were my fav as a kid I guess. But I do not remember the last time I was THIS excited about this title. For a long time it simply was because they were my favorite Marvel line, but now with this past arc and the upcoming one, I AM COMPLTELY STOKED!

  23. The preview art for next month’s issue was awesome.

  24. I have to commend Edwards art on this issue. I didn’t really like his art at the beginning of his run, but I think he’s gotten a lot better over time. It’s a lot more cleaner and nicer to look at and his faces don’t look as weird as in the past issues.

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