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Death, life and resurrection…Annihilus is back and hungry for revenge! Prime Elements part four: The Cult of the Negative Zone!

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Dale Eaglesham
COVER BY: Alan Davis

Price: $2.99
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  1. I haven’t been enjoying the Prime Elements arc (well Prime Elements one-shots) very much so I’m happy this is the last. That said, this one looks to be the best yet.

  2. I haven’t decided if I’m continuing with this. I think I’ll do what Tom said. Skip it and see if I miss it.

  3. That’s a cool Stormtrooper helmet.

  4. good one

  5. I am loving these, but agree that the series has to be more than these idea overflowing one-shots. My hope is that he lays down this brain warping stuff and then back to the character heavy stuff then everything he has set out starts to go to hell. Potential comic gold. We will see.

  6. I’d really like to see some FF characterization in these. I’m hoping Hickman did these four as a set up and then we get the same quality of work we saw in ‘dark reign’ and ‘fix everything’

  7. I think everyone that stays with this is going to be happy they did. Hickman is clearly a long term plotter, just look at his other Marvel books. Secret Warriors is 60 issues and two one shots so far, all one story. SHIELD is going to be 50-60 issues, all one story. I think its actually refreshing to see a writer break out of the 5 issue trade ready story arc mold and see some long term story telling.

  8. @USPUNX

    Secret Warriors is ending next year and Fantastic Four is only planned up to about 600. So he can’t be that long term.

  9. It feels like Dale Eaglesham has been slaving away for 4 months and Hickman has been shitting out scripts during cofee breaks from working on Shield.

  10. Annihilus?!?!?!  Fuckin right!

  11. @nawid Re: FF. The book itself or his run on the book?

  12. How many Eaglesham issues are left before he leaves for Cap?  So sad…

  13. i am really excited for this! cant wait to see where this prime elemental "arc" heads


  14. I think I’ll finish up the Eaglesham issues (whenever he leaves for his Cap mini) and then switch to the trades.  His big blocky characters were a real treat every month, but if the only draw is Hickman each month, then he reads better in large chunks.

  15. @nawid: I read an interview with Hickman that said he had SW planned for 60 issues. Also FF planned to 600 is 22 issues. That’s almost two years. How is that not long term?

  16. Who is Annihulus?  Sounds like a Red Lantern.

  17. @robby – He rules the negative zone.  He’s a douche-bag.

  18. Will Eaglesham return after the Cap mini?  I very much hope so, as I love what he and Hickman accomplish together on this book!  Any word on who will be replacing Dale???



  19. @kmob : Wasn’t the negative zone in Sinestro Corps War?

  20. @Kmob181  I nominate that for comment of the week. best description of a character to give a new reader all the info they need

  21. @jefffromWW: Eaglesham’s not coming back to FANTASTIC FOUR. He’s moving on.

  22. @conor & @jefffromWV: I just hope the next artist that marvel has lined up for the book is good. Having Hitch and Eaglesham on art has me spoiled on FF.

  23. Eaglesham left one of Marvel’s best books, for what I predict will be one of Marvel’s most boring.

  24. @Nathan – Possibly.  I don’t do lanterns.

    @Roi – Cheers.  

    @Kickass – You sir are correct.  

    If they take whats his name amazing artist off of SHIELD I will be very unhappier.

  25. This issue was another good one. We learned that it’s been Valeria writing the Dragnet style endings to the books. There are now four new mysterious cities, and only Val seems to have an idea of the bigger picture. What is this change Reed was telling Johnny about? Having read just about everything Hickman has written there is no doubt in my mind that something really big is coming. 

    As sad as I am that Eaglesham is leaving FF, and I am quite sad, it’s the story that’s got me hooked. Where the hell is all of this going?  

  26. Is it just me, or does Reed look John Byrne-ish/ MD Bright Hal Jordan on that cover?

  27. I’m starting to not be so sure about this book anymore…

  28. This just gets harder and harder.

    iPad, rutututu

  29. @USPunx  Hickman did have an outline for 60 issues of Secret Warriors but I believe it was annouced at C2E2, it would finish up at #27

  30. The reason I like this book right now is becasue I have faith that things are finally starting to come together. Val on her ipad…brillant! This run is a long one but the investment is worth it. For long time fans of the Fanstatic Four, it has been a real treat to see the family going back to it’s roots with other worldly stories and old school villians. I will miss Eaglesham and I hope Marvel can give us an artist that will be in for the long haul of this story.

  31. @roadcrew: that is disappointing! I really like that book. It seems to be one of the few books that actually avoids being neatly segmented into 5 issue story arcs.

  32. This issue was really choppy. Not my favorite issue in the run by a long shot. Im sure its just a set-up for #579, as Hickman is talking about that issue EVERYWHERE.  Hopefully after reading that issue this will flow better.

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