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At the bottom of the world, there’s a mystery buried deep beneath Vostok station. It’s part two of the Prime Elements arc: The Old Kings of Atlantis.

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Dale Eaglesham
COVER BY: Alan Davis

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 5.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Cover of the week, probably month.

  2. Great cover for one of the best Marvel books right now. Art last month was amazing, so glad Eaglesham is on this.

  3. I wasn’t that big of a fan of the last few issues. I’m going to give the book a little more time before making a decision to drop it or not, though.

  4. Yay!!! Can’t wait.

  5. This is gonna be amazing!!

  6. Wait… couldn’t Johnny just "flame on" and keep everyone warm?

  7. @slockhart no silly.  Then the ground would get all slushy.

  8. So this arc is a series of one-shots? Interesting.

  9. But but but… he can fly!

  10. But couldn’t Sue shield them from the slush? While Reed gives them all a reach-around?


    Oh the possibilities! 

  11. The Deadpool variant cover is pretty funny for this issue.

  12. @corpseed lol. you are a sick fuck:)

  13. Hickman has been real hit or miss with me on this.  Some issues are GREAT AWESOME ….  But some issue are horrible. (opinion).  Still this looks great and the highs in this book are too good to miss.

  14. why does johnny storm need a coat?

  15. ha ha. i actually worte that comment without reading any others. sorry everybody

  16. This is the first David covet I’ve liked. And Johhny’d wearing swim shorts in the inside of the book.

  17. Second on the Deadpool variant, I thought it was hilarious.

    But the this cover by Davis, also amazing.

  18. @vadamowens flattery will get you everywhere ; )

  19. Why does Superman need the rest of the Justice League?  Just go with it.

  20. @darthduck Because he’s lazy. 

  21. This cover is really cool, I think its meant to be humorous and make them look like scientists on a great expedition, love it, johnny is wearing a coat because he like to fit in, that guy is more insecure than the thing.

  22. yeah i also love the deadpool variant! I have really have been loving, FF which is great, because the FF should be one of marvel’s top books.

  23. Maybe those aren’t the Fantastic Four?

  24. @NathanNicdao  Exactly what I was thinking!  The way this book has been it could be anyone and I think I would love it!

  25. I continue to like this book.  Really digging that Hickman is doing single-issue stories.  Great pacing!

  26. I believe that thos are eskimo cosplayers.

  27. Wait, so what happened to all the stuff that happened last issue?  What happened to that city that was raised up?  They’re just gonna stop writing about that already?

  28. @robby- did you read the "palm pilot" summary at the end of last issue?

  29. Hickman is up to some hijinks where he is going to do 4 (I am guessing) one shot issues visiting various worlds and then I am guessing pulls it all together somehow. Will that make the palm pilot summary not lame? Time will tell. Loved last issue right up until the abrupt end.

  30. Well after the one shots are done, I think I’ll definitely need to do some reviewing of everything I read all over again to piece things together.  Sometimes rereading stuff is more fun then when you read it the first time because you notice things you didn’t pick up on the first time.  Sometimes it is just plain torture.

  31. Ok, just finished this issue.  I don’t have not one clue what I just read!!  Can somebody explain to me what the F is happening here?  Maybe FF just isn’t for a reader like me.

    The art sure was pretty though!!

  32. This might have been the most gorgeous issue of anything I’ve ever read. Too bad it wasn’t that easy to tell what was going on during the silent portion.

  33. @slockhart i agree about the silent scenes, beautiful but kind of hard to follow, that being said i really enjoyed the story and am digging on the whole series of one shots that are still building to this war of four cities

  34. I didn’t find this hard to follow at all and I absolutely loved everything about this issue.  I’m very happy with what Hickman and Eaglesham are doing with this book, heck, I even like the "palm pilot endings".

  35. @Slockhart and Peterparker18102

    I think that was the point. The discombobulation of being underwater and unable to communicate with one another was perfectly passed on to the reader. If you felt disoriented, props to Eaglesham and Hickman.

    Fantastic Four continues to be the highlight of my comic reading week and this issue is no different.  So imaginative. I love that I get 30 days to contemplate what will happen over the next 37 minutes (see letters page and smile). 

  36. thanks smasher – I was hoping I wasn;t the only one that thought it was confusing and then assumed it was supposed to be confusing.

    Great stuff.  I was really hoping Namor was going to pop up as Sue stole the show in this issue.  But after reading the final bullet points I still have a glimmer of hope.  He belongs in FF not X-Men!!!

  37. This issue was incredible and an easy pick of the week despite a fantastic Scalped and X-Factor.  Hickman is pushing the envelope while simultaneously taking the FF back to their sci-adventure roots.  Eaglesham is the perfect artist to realize his vision.  The one and done with the summary endings leading up to a crossover is just another example of reinventing the medium and executing it brilliantly.  Maybe the best issue of the year so far.

  38. Soawesome!

  39. This is building slowly and in a very smart way to a big finish. I really hope Hickman works in a GOTG crossover at some point. I think a bond with the Cosmic books would be great. Where is a crossover when you want one?

  40. I hope all the people that questioned Johnny’s coat on the cover enjoyed his rad boots this issue…first time I thought Hickman did something that worked just right with Johnny.

  41. @urthona Don’t forget the flame shorts.

  42. i actually laughed out loud when i saw how johnny was dressed because of the comments on this thread

  43. easy pick of the week. it was between this and captain swing for me but i think what really put me over the top is the consistently great letters page. i know its a small thing but this book really feels like a return to the happy (heroic) glory days of marvel and the letters page is just a great symbol of that. i love the complete, one off stories in the past several issues that really feel like they are building to something big but are self contained on their own. Month in and month out, my favorite book by far. I’m pretty sure this is three months running this has been my pick the week it came out.

  44. Oh Johnny,

    I love how Hickman sets up things.

  45. Hickman is doing some fantastic work here.  The amount of ground he’s covered so far could easily have been a year or two worth of decompressed stories, but he doesn’t seem interested in doing that.  I love how it’s just go go go but also full of character moments.  It just seems like they’re making really good decisions about what goes on the page and what can be taken care of in text summaries. 


  46. I love this..its like self contained issues of exploration.  Reminds me of some of Alan Moores Tom Strong issues.    This comic is so different from everything else in the markeplace..comes across whimsical and ..excuse the pun..Fantastic.  My pick of the week.


    And love the ART !!

  47. What are everyone’s favorite FF runs?  With respect to Stan and Kirby I feel that what Whedon did for Claremont’s X-Men, Hickman is doing for Byrne’s Fantastic Four…and I freakin love it. (I do appreciate that some people saw Astonishing as a continuation of Morrison’s New X-Men which was also fantastic but I think the Claremont comparison more apropos)  An interview I read says Hickman’s story arc will be around 30 issues so we’ve got a lot to go.

  48. This was so good!

  49. was anyone else holding their breath during the underwater scene ??? i almost drowned.

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