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  1. im looking forward to this

  2. Can we get back to the main story yet?

  3. What’s the main story?

  4. Very excited for this as usual. I’m sure Hickman will get back to a longer arc soon enough but what is the rush?

  5. Pleasebebetterthanlastmonthpleasebebetterthanlastmonthpleasebebetterthanlastmonthpleasebebetterthanlastmonth…..

  6. I hope Hickman does some workshopping on Franklin with this issue. Ever since they made Valeria into the super-child, Franklin has come off looking like a baby. I always wanted a writer to bring back his Psi-Lord powers and have him deal with them as a child.

  7. Power Pack!  A little kid’s birthday party!  PASS.

  8. come on, that was funny

  9. @Conor – I think @onAsunday wants the story arc where the kids go back in time and meet the genetically engineered Robot Ape who has designed the greatest ice cream ever! The one with all the flavores ever imagines.

  10. I suspect things might go awry at this party, making it less happy-fun time wholesome than what I suspect is a wise-ass solicit. Just a thought.

  11. Franklin’s birthday is in the Xmas season? He must be Jesus

  12. I actually enjoyed the last issue quite a bit. It was fun, here’s hoping this one is similar.

  13. I assumed that ever since Valeria let everyone know that she was insanely smart that Franklin purposely started acting that way.  If he can’t be ‘the smart kid’ he has to do something else to stand out.

  14. @DarthDuck Sadly he doesn’t and the character feels really weird now. 

  15. I think they should absolutely keep Franklin as the totally normal kid…and show why that is cool too.  I like when he has more common sense than Val.

  16. I don’t know if Franklin is normal. The dark reign fantastic four story seemed to imply differently when franklin shot Norman Osborn with a popgun.

  17. well, are kids normal these days. what with the x-box and internet and rollerblades and all?

  18. and rap music

  19. @Urthona My issue with the writing of Franklin has been that they’re trying so hard to write him as normal that he comes off as sounding stupid or talking like a baby. It gets annoying after a while because there are runs on the book where Franklin is a great balance between being the son of a super genius and a regular kid. (The Franklin Richards Son of a Genius stuff comes to mind. Franklin in Waid’s run and Franklin in the DR mini.) As Bryce points out, Hickman was dropping some hints that something is going to happen to Franklin. 

  20. I want to make love to this cover.

  21. I may be in a minority here but…cool, Power Pack!

  22. @PraxJarvin-Yeah, ain’t Francklin suppose to be a powerful mutants?????? Was that not in the Waid run???

  23. "

    I actually enjoyed the last issue quite a bit. It was fun, here’s hoping this one is similar.

    Posted by Ruo21 on 12/21/09 at 07:13 PM "



  24. I thought Franklin had near omnipotent powers. I didn’t read comics when this event happened but didn’t he create the pocket dimension in ‘Heroes Reborn?’ 

  25. Then I’M a part of the minority, POWER PACK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!! CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!

  26. @rockingeek @Uspunx Franklin is indeed a mutant. He’s essentially the most powerful mutant ever with the power to control reality and create pocket dimensions. At several points in time he’s aged himself to be an adult and given himself other powers. After onslaught he lost his powers (I believe he helped bring Galactus back to life to stop Reed Richard’s ultimate Nullifer, but it’s been a while since Heroes Return.) He’s supposed to be 100% de powered, but several writers have included hints to Franklin still has his powers on some degree.

  27. @Prax-thanx.

  28. Thanks Prax.

  29. Prax – sorry, I had no clue about all that.  My FF knowledge is Byrne Simonson Millar and now the current run.  Franklin didn’t do any of that stuff in those runs…but I guess I kinda knew that Franklin had aged and de-aged a few times, just from scanning book covers on the rack.

  30. Does anyone have an opinion on Millar’s FF run?  I heard good things about the Doom arc but would be curious if anyone had specifics.

  31. Well that answers the question about Franklin having powers…..really liked this issue, looks like Hickman has got a pretty good/interesting story coming up.

  32. Yeah, the whole Terminator thing would normally bother me but after four issues Hickman has gain my trust.  I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  33. @kmob181: The last arc had good premises about the story but I was disappointed. Hitch actually jettisoned on the last issue of Millar’s run. I didn’t like it. Even more so after reading Hickman.

    Comic book shipments in the Philipines have been delayed 5 days. Merry Christmas indeed.

  34. Whew, so I guess last month’s issue was just fluke.  Despite some wonky art (the first page looks like Franklin has a mustache ) this was really good.  Of all the quintessential Marvel books, I never would’ve guessed Fantastic Four would be the one I look most forward to.

  35. Fuck yeah baby Universe!!!! Hickman’s delivering all kind of awesome concepts, plot thread and supporting characters. Still keeping all the mythology of the book. He’s doing one hell of a job. A perfect birthday party book.

  36. Well, everything I said I liked about Franklin above they threw away…classic.

    The art was atrocious on this issue, particularly the first half, and the story didn’t thrill me either…my reaction is opposite of you rockingeek, a few more of these and FF will be hitting the drop pile for me…BIG THUMBS DOWN.

    I do like the letters column.

  37. Fun little family story.  Loved the interplay between Reed and Sue.  I am little dismayed by the Terminator-esque time travel element that has been introduced, but Hickman proved on Pax Romana that he can do time travel in interesting ways.

    Unlike many, I have no problem with this artist.

  38. I love my marvel over the top, full of powers/magic and with all the crazy shit you can cram into one issue. When I buy a Marvel comic I don’t wanna read about regular shit, I want the unbelivable, fast pace, stories hitting you from every angle a million beat per second… I want the out of this world experience, from the point of view of immortals.

  39. Such a good read, with excellent character beats seguing into a nice preview of where things are going.  Have to say I hated the art though, which made it 4 stars.  Dig the cover tho’

  40. Hey, me too rockinggeek!  I LOVED the previous Council of Reeds story.  I liked the Hickman mini-series where they fell threw alternate realities.  I liked Simonson’s Kang timeline craziness and the timesled.  I liked the whole Millar run with Nu Earth and Doom’s Master.  But this issue just didn’t do it for me…and it started with the art for sure.

  41. Wow, the art took a MAJOR step down in this book. Would have been four stars if the art didn’t kill it.

  42. I would have been satisfied with just the birthday party story, it was so heartwarming, but then we get a crazy big cliffhanger on top of it! Incredible! Art hurt it a little bit, but overall a great book.

  43. The art was balls but it didn’t manage to hurt my rating for this book.

    Anyone else chuckle when, right after Val calls him "retard", the girl from Power Pack hugging Franklin looks… kinda retarded?

  44. I think this was the best issue of FF I’ve ever read. Holy shit, I am so excited for this comic now!

  45. This book deserves better art! The hands on Franklin on the last panel are horrible! Cool story though!

  46. Wait, who was the guy from the future?  I’m so lost already.

  47. @robbydzwonar Franklin.

  48. Is this a new arc about " the future " ?

    ‘Cause I didn’t get the story.

    The art was horrible. Wow! I thought this was "Old Man Reed Richards". 

  49. Looking forward to the future story, but this issue was awful almost through and through.

  50. Really enjoyed this issue, looks like Franklin isn’t depowered afterall.

  51. Wow people didn’t understand this issue, really?  It wasn’t that hard.

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