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  1. Amazing cover. Amazing.

  2. What a comic!!!

  3. Super excited for Hickman to keep delivering the good on Marvel’s first family.

  4. I never thought I would be more excited for Fantastic Four and Invincible Iron Man than for Amazing Spider-man, but that is the case this week!  Hope Hickman continues to knock it out of the park!

  5. Excited for this.

  6. @cubman987  same here sir. still excited for spidey but FF and IM are just on a winning streak now

  7. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

  8. I haven’t seen any ultra-weird anatomy/poses from his work, and I think he might hit deadlines pretty frequently, so I think I might like Neil Edward’s work more then the artist he’s so very obviously inspired by.

    Super excited to see what’s next for Hickman’s FF.

  9. Yep, good book. very good book

  10. I realized I am not reading any marvel books and this is going to be the first one I add on a trial basis.   Hoping it will be fun.

  11. Hickman’s doing his best work on FF and I find it weird, cause normally writers do their best work on creator own, but Hickman, for now, is owning this book. Edwards preview pages are fucking tight!

  12. Can anyone tell me where the Hickman run started? (Issue number)

    I haven’t been into the FF since Trial of Galactus but the ifanboy reactions are really encouraging.

  13. @kmob – 570 I believe.

  14. @kmob- yeah its 570 and he did a cool 5 issue mini before called Dark Reign Fantastic Four that ties with is FF run. The trade is out.

  15. Reading Hickman’s Image work I never thought I’d see the day that he’d be writing a mainstream superhero book.  He’s got the talent and ideas for an epic run; I will never drop this as long as he’s onboard

  16. @Otto and @rocking – thanks.  I will check with my LCS and if its too complicated wait for the trade.

  17. I think I can seriously get an orgasm out of this week’s books.

  18. Was I the only one a little let down by last issue? Not that I won’t get this one, mind you. Just not as pumped as I was two months ago…

  19. @caseyjustice – I loved it.  It seemed so epic, but in the grand scheme, was just a device to show Reed how important his family is to him.

    All in all, just an interesting idea

  20. a lot of buzz on this book

  21. It will be interesting to see what this is like since the focus won’t be Reed.

  22. Hickman is Marvel’s best new writer in years.  A list.  Above many of the b listers that get talked about alot here.

  23. I thought there’s someone new working on the art? That worried me. 

    Eaglesham will be doing the interiors, yes?

  24. Where did Hickman’s run start?

  25. @JJ ^they listed it up in earlier posts

  26. @Nathan: No, the solicit is wrong. Neil Edwards is doing the itneriors this issue. He will be trading back and forth with Eaglesham so that the book stays on a regular schedule. The preview art indicates that Edwards is a damn fine artist as well.

  27. Is this series linked up into Dark Reign or is it striving to be stand alone?

  28. I hate nu earth but love hickman so this issue should be interesting

  29. Hickman is amazing. I hate to compare writers, but if he keeps up what he is doing (which I think he will), he’ll be up there with Alan Moore. 

  30. Hickman could make Nu Earth interesting given what hes already done.

    And I may not be a fan of Nu Earth either but I hate when runs are ignored so its nice to see that even tho the Millar run didn’t really work out that they aren’t ignoring it.

  31. I never expected I’d be buying this on the regular.  I tried hunting down Waid’s FF run on Ebay.  I found somebody selling the second half of it, but some dingle outbid me by 50 cents when I fell asleep!  I have such a hard time finding the trades too!!  WTF

  32. @JJ – I didn’t read Dark Reign, but from what I hear went down and the verbiage in the comic itself, they’re linked, or the first arc was anyway. I still understood what was happening just fine.

  33. @robbydzwonar I think you should just get the Hardcovers. I have, they are so worth it.

  34. @Rustyautoparts : thanks, buddy. Yep i read on the back of last issue that someone’s taking over. I’ll check out the previews now. Thanks.


  36. I might look up the first arc…

  37. @nathan – I thought that too.  I don;t know how long Edwards is going to be on this book but he seriously needs to find a new way to do Val.  She just looked creepy most of the time.

    Are there rules against using the word: Fantastic to describe this book?  If not, than this issue was fantastic.  I liked that it was one and done as well.  Keeps things moving with bang bang pace I want in my FF.

  38. Almost picke this up, but I was missing that there’s no Eaglesmith, now having second thoughts… should I buy it?

  39. @DenverDave – you can skip this one. Missing Eaglesham isn’t a huge problem, but there is no compelling reason to read this issue, unless you like one-shot stories. It looks like the next multi-issue arc won’t start until #574.

  40. oh. so this is a stand alone?

  41. Cool mythos shit, I love it and the action’s awesome. Edward’s a tight fill in artist. Perfect one shot.

  42. Hickman’s style is fast, furious and fantastic.  One, done and on to the next.  Very Silver-agey, don’t you think?

  43. I enjoyed this little tale, and Edwards fellow is a good artist – I’ll welcome him back on any fill-in issues.

  44. In my humble opinion(I’ve only read Straczynski, McDuffie, Millard, a couple of Waid storyarc and the first 20 issues of the Lee/Kirby Omnibus) Hickman understand the FF better than anyone else I’ve read.

  45. Cool little adventure, sci-fi story.  Banner Jr is one mean SOB.  I’m hooked onto FF as long as Hickman is writing it.  Looks like I’m gonna seek out the Dark Reign FF trade.  I can’t wait to see the whole FF team in action together.

  46. It’s ironic that this Hulk is a killer not the MU one. So ironic and so wrong (on Marvel’s part not Hickman’s).

  47. Isn’t that violence against women! Wow. She crushed her!

  48. I felt this issue was a real let-down after the last few.  Plus it seems from all the comments that I’m the only one ho was just plain confused.  I thought I’d accidentally missed an issue.  It probably doesn’t help that I’d never heard of Nu-Earth before but did anyone else feel like we just got thrown in mid-story?

  49. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @RickyStardust – Yeah, i found it confounding, despite having read the "World’s Greatest" story where Millar introduced Nu-Earth. Learn to tell a story, Franklin, Sue’s not going to have any idea how shitty Nu-Earth’s become!

    Nah, it’s not you it’s me. I think skipping the rest of the Millar-Hitch run hurt my enjoyment of this, because I wasn’t always sure how the bad guys powers worked.

    In praise of this issue, I think the laboratories and landscapes drawn by Neil Edwards looked amazing. I like what he does, even if I prefer Johnny Storm to flame-up like he did in the Silver Age, resembling more of a human-matchstick.

  50. @RickyStardust- No. Maybe you need to re-read it?

  51. @rockingeek – okay, it’s probably partly my lack of knowledge as re-reading it I guess that portal Johnny et al are in front of is how you get in to Nu-World?  I thought they’d been at Nu-World for a while and had just stumbled into this battle rather than arriving at that moment.  I think it was partly the cover as I thought that’s what where they were going would look like and I was expecting some Giffen and DeMatteis JLI style comedy.  Still, it was pretty much just a filler issue.  Hopefully it’ll be back up to standard next time.

  52. What do you mean; back up to standard?

    And the cover, I think, represent what the characters were imagining would happen on Nu-World.

  53. This was pretty dull for me. It’s not bad. Certainly sharply written, but it just didn’t feel like anything more than "Whoops, Dale needs an issue off so let me whip this up." I love done-in-ones, but something about this felt off. Whether it be the pacing or art’s "movement", I felt like we were rushing through this story. The art was perfectly fine most of the time, but there were some pretty blah panels from time to time, and Val had a rather amateurishly rendered face in some of her scenes. (In one panel her facial features are 2x as large as they should be. CREEP-Y.) Again, certainly enjoyable, but not really of the same quality as the last arc or the Dark Reign mini. 3/5 for me. 
    @rockinggeek The cover clearly has aliens on it. (There are Shi’Ar behind Ben) There are no aliens on Nu-Earth so far as I know. I have to admit, I was let down not having some random Alien Cafeteria meet up like depicted. However…. this Alan Davis cover is awesome.
  54. Wow you write big.

  55. Whoops!? Don’t know what happened there. Didn’t mean for that.

  56. I just started reading FF with 570, so I was a little confused with this issue.  I thought I had missed an issue, but then realized that Hickman is building off of what Millar did.  The recap at the beginning helped a bit.  I’m not complaining, I actually like having a new "universe" to get a handle on. 

  57. I gotta say the amazing thing about this issue is how much Hickman crammed into a single issue.  In the age of 6-part events and deconstructed story telling Hickman puts an events worth of an alternate reality war into 32 pages.

     If Bendis or Millar was telling this story Ben and Johnny wouldn’t have even shown up on Nu-Earth until the end of the comic.  Hickman establishes feel, plot and character in one tight bunch.  This actually feels more like Stan and Jack than the first three issues. 

  58. I agree that this was pretty dull. Not bad at all, but I didn’t really understand it, and I didn’t ever feel like there was much of a risk involved for any of the characters. I dunno, just a minor misstep of this run, I suppose. 3/5.

  59. I really enjoyed this issue, paced well and drawn well in a concise 32-page story.  It also reminded me o an old Stan/Kirby book.

     I enterpeted this story as an eggagerated bed-time story by Franlkin.

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