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I found this confounding, despite having read the “World’s Greatest” story where Millar introduced Nu-Earth. Learn to tell a story, Franklin, Sue’s not going to have any idea how shitty Nu-Earth’s become!
Nah, it’s not you it’s me. I think skipping the rest of the Millar-Hitch run hurt my enjoyment of this, because I wasn’t always sure how the bad guys powers worked. I do know that any green hulk is a powerhouse, but the pummeling he dished out in this turned my stomach. It was like something out of Preacher.
In praise of this issue, I think the laboratories and landscapes drawn by Neil Edwards looked amazing. I like what he does, even if I prefer Johnny Storm to flame-up like he did in the Silver Age, like a comet.
Great cover with the four earthlings eating and drinking at a cafeteria in space! The Richards kids can be fun, and I’m looking forward to their appearance in X-Factor 200 next month.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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