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  1. wow.  that was quick

  2. Luv me some Doom  First issue was good, hope it keeps up

  3. this run has been getting no love but I think Miller/Hitch have been very solid and this is the most I have enjoyef FF in a long time

  4. @tdog So have I. Best run on FF since Waid/Weirengo. And a solid run compared to a lot of the stuff before that. Really liked the last issue, even with the Mouth of Sauron knock-off.

  5. I’ve been in love with their whole run and can’t wait to see how it ends.  I don’t have plans to keep picking up this book after they leave though, Hickman’s Marvel work hasn’t been doing it for me so far.

  6. @tdog: I don’t think that it’s at all accurate to say that this run by Millar and Hitch gets "no love".


    There. It’s getting some love. Seriously, though, not enough people are talking about just how great this book has been. I believe it was one of the iFanboys who said (and I’m paraphrasing) that it doesn’t matter how good the book is or who’s on it–it’s the Fantastic Four, therefore virtually no one cares except FF fans.

  8. i agree with the "no love" to the extent that its probably been Marvel’s best book over the past year

  9. Has anyone else heard Hitch isn’t even going to finish this run?  That he is leaving early to do Reborn?

  10. just read the preview for this on and there is some crazy shit going on in this issue. Should be badass. can’t wait now!

  11. @magnum – yup, you’re right.  that’s just disappointing

    Stuart Immonen is closing it out on issue #569

  12. hitch is leaving? wtf? that’s lame

    however, Millar has had hold of him for too long,  I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM WORK WITH BRUBAKER

  13. Not doing the final issue of an arc, especially one about Doom is upsetting.  Maybe enough so that I will decide against this purchase.

    Even though I don’t mind Immonen’s art

  14. This book was great, really wish Millar was staying with the book longer.

  15. It’s a damn shame this book couldn’t get heat even if it was set on fire. This arc is turning to out to be great.

  16. This gave me that ‘wow’ feeling that I rarely get from single issues of superhero comics nowadays.  The first twist I saw coming but the second was a pleasant surprise.

  17. Great Art, Horrible Writing

  18. @Ultimatehoratio-agreed.  I am a big fan of the double twist as well.  Tease it just enough to make you invest in being right, while the true twist sneaks on by to surprise you

  19. What a great, solid issue of a series. A shame about Hitch not sticking it out, but c’est la vie. A bit disappointed that the FF didn’t appear in the issue though. 4/5.

  20. @PraxJarvin: Every member of the FF but Mr. Fantastic was in this issue.

  21. @conor I meant "our" Fantastic Four, not Dr. Doom’s fever dream fantasy. Which I quite enjoyed. But I’ve been loving the smaller moments of the the FF proper over the actual stories, so I was a little disheartened that they weren’t there. I understand why from a story telling perspective, but yeah.

  22. You know why this issue came out so quickly? Because Hitch totally phoned the ‘mother in!

  23. @conor – Even if you count Dr. Doom’s dream, I didn’t notice the Human Torch at all although he was mentioned.

  24. I did not enjoy this at all. i think Millar had some Ok ideas on his run, but I have mostly not liked it. And i usually enjoy his work. I can’t wait for this run to be over.

  25. @JohnVFerrigno Same here, although it’s Millar’s execution that’s been "okay." Still doesn’t overrule this terrible idea, though.

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