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  1. OH YESS.

  2. …and as a gift to the next writing team, all the Richards children are consumed!  (Suddenly, the Nintendo present last issue doesn’t look so bad…)

  3. Should be fun. Can’t say much else about it!

  4. Hope this is an improvement over the last ish.

  5. @Noto-Agreed.  I enjoyed last issue, but it was very much a setup.  I think this issue will be chop full of action and crazy FF-ness

  6. Yeah , what was wrong with the Last Issue? The art was spot on and it was a great setup for this issue.

  7. It was very middle of the road. I dunno. Maybe I’m just a cynical bastard and can’t deal with Christmas in March.

  8. I absolutely loved the last issue.  One of my favorite of their entire run.

  9. I have a very hard time staying interested in this book

  10. I agree with @conor, the last issue was amazing. I see that it was a set up issue but during the reading you couldnt tell. The only issue i had was the christmas factor.

  11. cool beans!

  12. That monster was totally a Millar creation.  Loved it. 

  13. Yay! A book I read this week that was readable! I have to say, it was nice to get a "regular" book from Millar and  Hitch. This not to say it was ordinary, but that this felt like an "average" FF outing. There was no impending doom, no "This is a tale only Millar could tell!" (Well, maybe the Euro-Trash joke!) but a simple, two part story that feels like FF fun!

    And that last sequence was well done, really. Did not expect that "twist" at all.  

  14. I really don’t understand all of the hate being spewed on the internet about this issue. Almost everywhere I look (minus here) people are just railing about how horrible this issue was.

    One of the main complaints was that Reed didn’t notice anything was going on. It seemed to me that was explained pretty well. He was trying to escape all of the crazyiness of their normal lives and the heartbreak he feels when he realizes it will follow them everywhere is great.

    Another complaint was that Val is supposed to be smart and yet she came off like an idiot in this issue. Lets try and remember she is still just three. She may be a genius but she has almost no life experience. There are plenty of smart people in the world who get caught unawares and robbed or killed because they don’t have "street smarts" and don’t pay attention to their surroundings.

    All in all a great issue and I agree that it was nice to see a more normal story from Millar and Hitch.

  15. @Parker – exactly right on the Val commentary.  In fact, I like the idea that maybe the two children will balance each other, with Franklin being the common sense reliable older brother and Val being the precocious brainy lil sis.  OMG…am I starting to like the kids?

  16. @Urthona

    It’s ok to like these kids, especially when you compare them to those genetic monstrousity’s that the Flash spawned.

  17. I really enjoyed this issue, nice to have a fun 2 issue arc that doesn’t need all the baggage and drama that is going on in the MU right now.  Also seems to be the calm before the storm with the big Doom story coming.

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