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  1. either they are a bit late or REALLY early.  meh.

  2. It’s only two months late…just it’s funny how much it shows. 

     That said, this book will rule.  

  3. I have never been bothered by waiting for Hitch’s art.

  4. i think this is good i dont mind waiting for hitchs art

  5. Always excited for a Millar and Hitch book

  6. Were they even trying to get this out in time for Christmas? I remember some holiday issues in Marvel’s past that didn’t line up with the calendar either. Like Halloween issues in April. Maybe Millar just felt like a Christmas story?

    I don’t really understand the scheduling of this series’ production. Sometimes it seems there’s only 2-3 weeks between issues, sometimes 2-3 months. Regardless, minus the Byrne run I’ve never been much of an FF fan, yet I always look forward to the current run. It’s good stuff.

  7. no no no! you guy’s don’t understand in the 616 contnuity christmas is on february 29

  8. They’re just glad it is not Festivus and the night doesn’t end till someone pins Ben.

  9. Great cover, btw.  Am lovin’ this run on the FF…so good!

  10. hahaha, I just noticed on the cover that they have christmas crackers!!  Damn brits, had to sneek their crazy toys into it!!  I love it

  11. @drakedangerz: My family does Christmas crackers every year!

  12. @Conor-haha, I did one a few years back and got a fantastic silly hat from it.

  13. Wait, Americans (apart from Conor) don’t do crackers? You’re missing out!

  14. Their Christmas is very strange. No Christmas Pud, no crackers and they watch American football actually on Christmas Day. Oh, and no Boxing Day too! Mad

  15. I’m loving this…great run! Has anyone got any ideas how many issues Millar and Hitch have left?


  16. @23skidoo: After this two issue story, there will will be a four part "Master’s of Doom" storyline that will be Millar’s last.

  17. Oh my god! Someone dies in a christmas issue?! Nothing is holy anymooooooooo~

  18. …Isn’t it a bit late for a christmas issue, btw?

  19. @Kory Yeah, but then we get Hickman and Eaglesham on the book – woot!

  20. @SamMorgan: I don’t know anyone who watches football on Christmas day.  That’s Thanksgiving.

  21. Mark Millar writing a F4 christmas story? SWEET! I don’t give a toss if it’s nearly 3 months too late, this is guarenteed to be good!

  22. Good issue. For my money, my second favorite Creative team on this book. The best for me being Waid/Weirengo.

    The christmas thing didn’t actually bother me so much. How often are holiday episodes of Sienfeld or Friends aired in the middle of summer because of syndication schedules? 

  23. It was pretty good.  The ending was…well wasn’t much of one.  But overall the book was a great romp

  24. The only problem I had with this was the fact that the SCOTTISH writer called the SCOTTISH characters Hamish and Angus, and basically made his story The Wicker Man.

    They might as well be eating haggis and wearing kilts.

  25. I give it a 4/5 because it was so well made. But the idea of bad, spooky Christian (or pseudo-Christian) church groups has gotten really, really old to me. Let me guess, they don’t like mutants, either. Ho hum. Yup: religious groups are evil, religious groups are intolerant and repressive, religious groups are out to get all of us. I’m not religious in the least, but enough already. With that said, the way Reed’s cousin spoke of "our god" was suitably creepy. And it’s a really nice little set-up. And the art is gorgeous. But please, the cliche of bad, deceptively friendly religious groups is getting to me after seeing it so damn many times.

  26. It’s like Millar’s trying to write Hot Fuzz with super heroes. I love it.

  27. This one did nothing for me. Hopefully the follow-up will be better.

  28. @Connor – I didn’t mean to insult you by suggesting that everyone watches Football but it is on TV on Crimbo day though.

    That was Brilliant. It felt like they were actually in Scotland. Makes a change from all those X-men books when they visit "Muir Island Scotland" which is basically generic-Marvel-countryside with a man in a kilt, a policeman wearing a uniform that hasn’t been used for decades and a set of bagpipes in the corner of a pub.

    The Nintendo DS line made be snort beer out my nose while reading this in the pub. (No bagpipes though, this was in Birmingham)

    I want a Flight Suit for Christmas please Santa…

  29. is it just me or still something spooky happening in that small town, hmmm?

    pretty good issue, franklin is drawn to look like the weirdest kid though, he’s like the ultimate crazy home-schooled kid

  30. Yes, I think something weird is going on.  I think it’s a weird version of Brigadoon myself.

  31. Agreed SamMorgan, the Nintendo DS line was priceless!

  32. @ameliadaz "Hot Fuzz" is a tribute/remake of Cooper’s aforementioned "Wicker Man" (Not the Nicholas Cage version.) I love both films, "Wicker Man" being one of my favorite films, too. It really didn’t click to me that this is a homage as well, just with the Christian trappings instead of pagans.

    @flapjax But they *are* evil! 

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