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  1. I thought the Millar/Hitch run got off to a great start last issue, so of course I’ll be picking this up. 

  2. I really like this, however being a big FF fan and if I had the ability to pick my creators, I would pick Joss Whedon and David Finch

  3. Cool idea for this new arc, ff #554 was the first fantastic four issue I ever got, and eh, I can’t say I like Millar’s writing too much. I’m on the fence about picking up this next issue just because I really like where the going(the cover for the next issue is killer). I don’t know if its the Fantastic Four charm or Millar’s writing, but  damn I hate it lol.

    Doom bots as servant robots for Reed…….

  4. I’m loving their approach to the team so far. Curious to see where it goes.

  5. Having never read FF before, I actually really enjoyed the first issue of this run.  I’m intrigued to see where this goes, and if anything, it should just be a whole hell of a lot of fun. 

  6. All you FF virgins should give the Waid/Weiringo run a try.

     I really did enjoy the first Millar/Hitch issue though.

  7. really looking forward to this.

  8. I wonder how the Fantastic Four sales have been for the last 20 years.  They are Marvel’s "First Family," and play continuously integral parts to most major stories, yet it seems so few people have ever read the title.  I have almost the entire run since they Returned from the "Heroes Reborn" debacle, but I can mostly say it’s good but not great.  Why aren’t the FF more popular, I wonder?

  9. Tried the first issue and it didnnothing for me.  Have never been a fan of Millar but love Finch.  Same old Millar self-indulgent crap  "O MY brother is Paris Hilton !"  GROAN 

    I agree with the comment above the Wheden and Finch would be awesome ! 


  10. This was a nice issue. Never been a huge fan of Millar or Hitch, but this was fun. The scene with Ben was great. Johnny’s story = yawn, and kind of unconnected to anything else that’s going on. I’m on for the rest of the arc, though.

    P.S. Ugh, don’t remind me about the Paris Hilton reference last issue.

  11. The second Miller/Hitch story – as Simon Cowell would say, distinctly average. A few nice moments involving Alyssa Moy/Castle and the big brains, but the Johnny scenes with the
    super-villain girl were dull as dishwater, Ben had nothing to do and Sue was, er, invisible. Plus, lots of wasted space – did we really need a reaction shot of Reed’s head? All it did was make the
    following spread, which he was reacting to, more underwhelming than it already was. There just isn’t the easy awe this book had in its best runs – you can see the gears turning in Miller wee Scottish


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