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  1. Really fun book.

  2. Ahh. Totally forgot this was coming out this week. I’m really excited for their run!

  3. I’m super excited for this. I didn’t think it would be out till the end of the month though.

  4. Will give the new team a chance.

  5. The last Fantastic Four issue i read was #511. I hope this draws me back in.

  6. definitely down for this. I’ve actually enjoyed FF lately, I’m confident M

  7. @ Simmons- Your avatar totally made me think of Teen Titans: The Lost Annual. Is that what inspired it?

    I’m looking forward to this book only because I have faith that Millar can handle the characters. He did some cool stuff in the Ultimate FF.

  8. I have not enjoyed FF in a really long time. The way i see it is that this is FF last chance for me.

  9. I have not enjoyed FF in a really long time. The way i see it is that this is FF last chance for me.

  10. I have not enjoyed FF in a really long time. The way i see it is that this is FF last chance for me.

  11. ops

  12. I can’t wait for this run. I love Mark Millar and I stop reading FF sometime back. But now I can’t wait for this. I think  it is going to be an 18 book run does anyone know  ?

  13. Hmmm, just got back from the store and didn’t see this one on the shelf, just me?  or did it not ship this week?

  14. Quick question. . . How do you submit a review?  DO you just write it as a comment or what?  I’m a little confused on this.  Also, where does the average rating come from?  Is that on a scale of 5 or 10? 

  15. @Idave – From the welcome to iFanboy 3.0 post:

    "After you’ve read your books, you can rate them and see how others rated them as well. Just head over to the “Your Comics” section to write a review of any of the books on your pull list! "

     The rating scale is 1-5, but there are a few bugs in some of the code that we’re working out at the moment.

  16. fun book

    nice art 

  17. pretty good, especially after the balnk panther/storm BS before this. the characters seem a lot more interesting.

  18. This was my first FF in fifteen years and I absolutely loved it.  The visit to the classroom was brilliant.

  19. Great damn book. M&H really know how to pace an epic story and they are just a great choice for this. FF needs some epic storytelling. Tell me this already doesn’t feel like it’s pacing out like a movie and that’s NOT a bad thing. I’m on for this.

  20. Had a super fun time reading this book. Hitch’s work amazes again and Millar’s dialogue was spot on. 

  21. Millar and Hitchy had fun with this one, and so did I.

  22. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this, especially Millar’s script – it felt less forced and more natural than some of his other writing.

  23. Not bad.  Hitch’s art is an interesting look for the FF, but anything that gives me a good book with Sue Storm I’ll take.

  24. Okay, Hitch’s art must be an acquired taste.  I’m not diggin’ it.

  25. I dug Hitch’s previous artwork, but something seems to missing here.  His Reed doesn’t look like the Reed I know.  I’m wondering if maybe using a new inker with a heavier more fluid line might fix some of the art problems (but not Reed).

  26. Good start on this!  Nu-World! Heh..

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