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  1. Terminator using a Lightsaber……sounds kinky

    Is this a one-shot or is this a mini? Cause I love me some Deathstroke and I wonder if this is a set-up to a mini or not. (Like Solomon Grundy one-shot that came out earlier)

  2. I believe it’s just a one-shot

  3. @TNC: All of these Faces of Evil spotlight books are one-shots.

  4. @conor: Well I just wasnt sure. Cause the Grundy one-shot is a ‘prequel’ to the Grundy mini coming out later. Thought it would be the same for this. Still I hope this is good.

  5. I’m looking forward to this, but does anyone know anything about the creative team? I’ve never heard of either of them.

  6. David Hine is right now doing The Brave and the Bold (which I’m told is a good team up with Green Lantern/Green Arrow  and Phantom Stranger) and Spider-Man: Noir. Plus a crap load of other Marvel stuff I never heard of or seen. George Jeanty has done the majority of the pencils for Buffy Season 8.

    So the recent track record for both is pretty good right now.

  7. idk about this one. I think slade is a great character, but very few writer know how to write him well…

  8. DCU: Last Will and Testament was very blah. But i do love the character so I’m gonna give this a shot.

  9. Should I hope on this issue. i heard these one shots are prequels to a justice league rebut ?

  10. @Champ – Thanks, mate.

    @jorge – If you like Deathstroke, I’d say pick it up. Even if these books are leading to something else, I think they can be enjoyed on their own. 

  11. I might actually pick this up.

  12. I like Deathstoke so i will pick it up. Thank You @WadeWilson


  13. From what I understand this book will lead into a new Teen Titans or Titans storyline this year, just like Prometheus was a prequel to Robinson’s Justice League and Grundy was a prequel for his own mini

  14. I really want the Deathstroke that was in his long running series to return.

  15. This was an okay issue, not the best but Hine does have a nice feel to Deathstroke.

    I hope he is used more then just Titans storylines. Cause I remember in Identity Crisis he was just a force to the JLA in that one issue; I want him to be that type of villain.

  16. I was just getting this because Deathstroke is badass, but now that I’m seen that Jeanty is drawing it.  Hells to the yeah!!

  17. not bad, not great. in the middle i would say

  18. this was a comic version of a back door pilot. pretty good story left enough room to be carried on into a new series. i kind of hope they would. does anyone know what happened to jericho his son

  19. So he went from murderous merc for hire to anti-hero now? I’m cool with that I just want to make sure I understood it correctly.

  20. @ Parker Yes

  21. @cyberauron: Are you asking what Jericho is up to now? Or how he got his throat slit? I believe he was kidnapped when younger, and when Slade went to save him somehow Jericho got his throat slit and lost the use of his voice. I know he showed up in the DCU Decisions book, and will be showing up in the Teen Titans/Titans/Vigilante crossover in a few months. 


    This was an ok book, I prolly shouldn’t have read it right after the FOE Promethius book because a)it was awesome and b) they were kinda similar with having both villians "awaken" from where ever they’re imprisioned and then escaping. I did really enjoy the art though, and I’m pretty excited to see what Ravager does next.  

  22. This book was so awesome it made me wanna change my iFanboy name to Slade Wilson! Great stuff. I love this character, I can’t wait to see what this book leads to.

  23. strong one shot that I really enjoyed. I’ve liked Deathstroke since Identity Crisis and thought he made an interesting Green Arrow counterpoint.


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