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  1. cantwaitcantwaitcantwait

  2. Is this the last issue of an arc or is this at a place for new readers to jump on? I’m a trade reader, but I just might get this.

  3. It’s the last issue of the war arc, the next issue is a one-shot then it starts a new arc I believe.

  4. I think it is the 5th issue after the end of the Good Prince arc, which I think will be one trade.  This will probably be at the end of this arc, and not a good time to jump to issues. 

    If I’m not mistaken, I think Willingham in planning to close out the 1st volume of the book in a little while and then take a few years break from the book. So, you would probably be better off completing you trade collection if that is in fact the case.

  5. oooh it’s the big one

  6. @Rolando – If you want to pick this up, I’d suggest getting #73 and 74 as well

  7. No no no no… Do not buy this as a first issue.  The joy of this series is seeing it grow and morph into what it is now.  Do yourself a favor and go back and get the trades, work through them and then catch up, don’t come in now, it would be nearly as rewarding.

  8. As much as I love this book, I don’t think any issue can be a true jump-on point.  Grab the first two trades, see if you like the feel of the book.  It’s not until the 3rd or 4th trades that the "big story" truly gets underway.

  9. so um…. can someone write a review/spoiler and let me know who dies.  I have not been following this series closely, but after all the hype in the description, I want to know what happens (without spending $4.99).

  10. Good issue, but the wrapup with the Adversary, etc seemed a little too quick/smooth (in my opinion).  Why wasn’t this a six issue arc with some details and/or exposition?

    SPOILER – Can anyone explain why Bigby didn’t die when the "magic" arrow hit him?  Did the cloak "syphon" some of the "magic" away or did his magic nature protect him (or did the arrow just suck)?

    P.S. I "like" quotation "marks".

  11. I believe that the answer to your arrow question lay in fact that the arrow stuck not one target but two.  If it always kills it’s target, it must have half killed the two of them.  That’s how I took it anyway.

  12. wasn’t there a quote in there that it just wasn’t very good magic?

  13. @Fractal514 – That may be the case (although I don’t know what half killed would mean.  Dead/Alive seems kind of binary.)  It is better than my theory of "Just because."

    @cutty – I don’t remember that quote.  I will have to take another look at it when I get home.

  14. I also wanted to ask:  Was anyone else disappointed that, despite being on the cover, the snow queen wasn’t in this issue at all?  I really like the character. 

  15. I was a big letdown too. This is one of the best series of the decade but the last year of the book has been just alright. I think the Frog Prince story went too long and this too short, especially the last half of this particular issue. That said, art was fantastic and the conclusion leads to some fascinating prospects. 

  16. I love this book, but I have one complaint. It’s not like it is not satisfying, but this book ALWAYS seems like it is building up to something TRULY horrible, and that moment almost never arrives. Perhaps this discounts the major "death" in this issue. Maybe Willingham is saying something about fairy tales and "happy endings" or something… Or the worst is yet to come?

    I suppose though those moments do happen in more quiet places when you least expect them (ala Snow & Bigby’s killer ghost baby).

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