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WildStorm’s groundbreaking, critically acclaimed political thriller reaches its conclusion with an epic, double-sized series finale six years in the making. Former superhero – and current mayor of New York City – Mitchell Hundred finally catches up with the unspeakable tragedy foretold in the very first page of EX MACHINA #1…but countless new surprises still await!

Join award-winning creators Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris and J.D. Mettler for what promises to be the most shocking and talked-about ending since the final issue of Y: THE LAST MAN!

Art and wraparound cover by TONY HARRIS
Variant cover by JIM LEE

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  2. Gotta be a misprint there. Says double sized but it also says 32 pages at $4.99.  Tempted to just pirate this because of the slap in the face price gouge after being a loyal reader for 49 issues.

  3. I’m a little surprised so few people have pulled this.  Unless everyone else is reading it in trade like I am.

  4. I’m sure a lot of people jumped to trades as it’s been very not montly for… years, I guess?

    On the bright side, very looking forward to this a lot. And now that BKV’s done with this, he’s doing more comics (or so I hear…)

  5. I’m a trade reader of this series as well as Fear Agent, and Invincible. 

  6. Wow, this is it!  I’m so eager for the conclusion.

    I read this in trades originally (via the Seattle Public Library), and switched to issues probably halfway through.

  7. This is not a high seller. I have to read the first trade three times to get into it.

  8. Pretty excited for this, but I do not have very high hopes. Last story arc was somewhat of an anticlimax in my opinion. That doesn’t really look like Mitch on the cover there.

  9. @amircat That’s dedication.

  10. See, now, this is good. It’s an ending. Stories need endings

  11. @amircat – If you can’t get into something on the first or second read, it may not be for you.

    @edward – You can always count on BKV for an ending.

  12. Rdkknts

  13. Wow… Mitch really turned out to be an asshole.

  14. Wow. I really hated this. A lot.

  15. Wow, what a satifying ending!!! Totally nailed the feeling of the entire series and politics in general.

  16. This was not what I expected at all. Which I like. I get what BKV was going for, but I do think the execution was a tad on the cynical side. I realize that may have been by design given the subject matter and the fact that we knew it would end in "tragedy" all the way back in issue #1, but it kinda bummed me out a little too much.

    Maybe I’m just sad to see the series go. It’s always been high on my must-read list, and I’ll miss Mitchell as much as I miss Yorick (if not more). Ce La Vi. We’ll always have trades.

  17. @butchcassidy I thought Mitch was an asshole very early, like first year early.
    I feel the same way about this that I did when Y ended…ehh it was ok. I don’t think the endings if either of these series come close to what in my opinion is the best ending ever in comics: Preacher. It felt like another ten years of stories crammed into 48 pages, just like Y, and it feels like he’s ending it because he said he would and not because he’s run out if story. I did love the WTC idea though. That’s fucking perfect.

  18. After reading this I am relieved that it’s over so I don’t have to decide whether or not I want to drop it. I’m just tired of Tony Harris’ copy and paste panels. Storywise I was a bit disappointed too. I guess BKV was going for a "non ending," but I still feel the bulk of the mysteries remain untold or even undiscussed. And I know people could say Y ended similarly, but that at least had an emotional resolution.

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