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Hitmen and mercenaries from around the globe are ordered by the President to bring down an eighteen-year-old super assassin named Song – but she’s going to turn the tables on them – and every kill is going to be epic!

Song has trained for years into adulthood to take revenge on the man responsible for her parents’ deaths – the man who has just been elected President!

By Raffaele Ienco

Price: $2.99
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  1. It’s an Image #1… so obviously I have it pre-ordered.

    • And it will probably sell out and my store won’t have a single copy. Even when I sign up doesn’t mean they will get it. The art looks cool on this, I will wait and here what people have to say about it (and Mind the Gap, too).

    • If you have a shitty store that won’t even order stuff for you it’s time to move to a new one. If there aren’t any other stores near you then buy online. Shitty shops will stay shitty if people keep supporting them. I have this, Mind The Gap, Grim Leaper, Dancer and a pile of other Image #1s all pre-ordered and all it took was a few clicks.

  2. Should have just called this Kill Bill Vol. 3
    not saying thats a bad thing either.

  3. This was pretty bad. I kept getting the feeling a 12 year old was writing the dialogue. Art was pretty good, but I will not be getting the 2nd issue.

    • I enjoyed the are greatly, but I admit the story and dialogue could have used a bit more for the first of five issues. IF this is supposed to set something up to impress us, then it needs to really pick it up from a perverted maintenance worker and dead police officers.

    • Art not are.

    • I agree Keith. The author’s comments at the end were revealing. He seems to really like certain movies and then wants to re-hash them in his own work. The guy’s clearly talented, I’m always impressed by writer/artists, but to see the Elektra, the Bride, and other images, mentions of the Fugitive, etc., I dunno, nothing new here for me, I’m out.

      But I expect this creator will mature and I think could really be a force in the industry if he sticks with it.

  4. pissing myself read the review by GS the fool bought 10 copys i can only assume thought he was going to get a mega sell out and have some 1st print collectors items maybe make some money ! well what you got is exspensive toilet paper lol

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