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• The new Batman of Earth 2 debuts as The Atom begins a mission to lead a new team of heroes—but are any of them prepared for the threat they’re about to face?

Story by James Robinson
Art by Cafu, Julius Gopez, & Cam Smith
Cover by Andy Kubert

Price: $4.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Really excited about this one.

  2. Who is Batman of Earth 2? So many options! Hope it’s someone cool!

    • Well, we know they’re not allowed to use analogues for characters on Earth 1, so I’m gonna guess… Terry McGuiness? Ohh, or if we’re going Silver Age with it, Bruce Wayne Jr.

    • It’ll probably be retconned after Robinson leaves.

    • @amircat

      That’s the first thing I thought of. I’m too curious to not buy this though

    • No analogues from Earth 1? Aww, that removes a lot of the possibilities.

      – Bruce Wayne, Jr.
      – Thomas Wayne, Sr.
      – Jean Paul Valley
      – Phillip Wayne
      – Alfred Beagle
      – Kal-L?

  3. Jumping off this. Robinson’s long term vision was the only thing keeping me interested to begin with. DC is doing an awesome job of finding ways to getting me to drop all their books.

    • My thoughts exactly. Any word on who is taking over once he leaves?

    • Ditto! DC Editorial are officially ‘off the rails’, as far as I’m concerned.
      James Robinson has a proven record of being a team player, working within agreed boundaries and avoiding prima-dona-esque behaviour. Barely a month before this news broke he expressed in interview, his long-term enthusiasm for this title. So, another ‘out-of-the-blue’ editorial directive that this time ‘J.R.’ just couldn’t/wouldn’t accommodate? My guess? This Dark Knight is eventually revealed as Damian. I’m awaiting developments, but should I drop this title, I’ll probably drop all remaining DC titles from my pull list.

  4. Sad that Robinson’s leaving, but this book has been so muh fun that I’ll definitely stick around, at least until he’s gone.

    And who knows? Maybe somebody awesome will take over!

  5. Not sure about that cover. Looks like Earth 2 Batman is about to drop a deuce on someone. 😉

  6. so who is taking over? Sad to hear Robinson is leaving. This is one of sleeper favorite books.

  7. Collected this for a short bit.

    Just wondering if I wanted to jump back in.

    I’m thinking not.

  8. Johns run on JSA is how comics should be written.Always like pre-crisi heroes all the way.

  9. I love this book. I’m on no matter what (or if the writing gets really bad, whichever comes first).

  10. Am curious to check this out, but, will probably have to skip for budget reasons . . .

  11. The Kubert cover leads me to believe Batman is either Thomas or Damian.

  12. Azrael or Terry McGuinness. Costume looks Azrael but Terry liked his red highlights, too.

  13. Are they so insecure about sales that they HAVE to include Batman in every team book? I was really hoping this could be a completely different group of characters because very few things are surviving outside of the Bat family.


    What a disappointment! All that hype for nothing!

    • Spoilers???
      I’m kind of in the same boat as you. It was a good issue, but it wasn’t anything special for the series and we were given much more of Atom Smasher than we were Batman 2.0, which I didn’t think would be the case. I was actually expecting to see Batman 2.0 unmasked, not just lurking in a few panels and then finally acting. I think we’re getting clues though, as this Batman did kill.

    • The Golden Age Batman killed also. He had a gun I believe.

    • James Robinson has been pretty up front in interviews and promotional spots that the mystery of who is Batman 2 is going to play out over time.

      Lord knows what’s going to happen now, however.

    • Bait and switch.

      Thanks, DC.

  15. Still no idea who Batman is. I’m guessing Damien. Seems almost too easy but I like it. Sucks Robinson won’t be telling the story. By far the most frustrating case of a creator leaving DC lately.

  16. Soooo disappointing. I should have gotten the Catwoman annual instead. Or even Red Hood and the Outlaws.

    Wonder if he’ll let me exchange it.

  17. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Loved it. Can’t believe people are upset cause they didn’t reveal this new Batman’s entire life story. I may be alone but I like a bit of mystery.

    • “consafo80 (@consafo80) says:
      June 2, 2013 at 11:09 am

      Loved it. Can’t believe people are upset cause they didn’t reveal this new Batman’s entire life story. I may be alone but I I like a bit of mystery.”

      I never wanted the new Batman’s entire life story in one issue.

      And I like as bit of mystery, too.

      I like it a lot better when my expectations of a comic are met by the hype and the cover image on the comic.

      After all these decades, you’d think I’d have learned to never trust the hype and to never judge a comic by its cover.

      Needless to say, I did not get what I expected or desired from this annual.

  18. I thought this was good. It didn’t have as much Batman in it as the cover leads you to believe, but I do want to know when and where we were told we were going to find out who the Earth-2 Batman in this book? There is so much bitching on here about it – I’m guessing if James Robinson wasn’t leaving there would be less complaints.

    But who is to say the next creative team on this book isn’t gonna go a great job? I think this book is good – not great, not bad, better than okay. I enjoy it and want more, but good god some of you folks get in a tizzy over everything.

  19. I’m betting that Earth-2 Batman is Alfred Pennyworth.

  20. Batman was pretty cool looking. I wish there was more of him in this Annual. He didn’t seem to be in it much.

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