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  1. How does putting Dr. Doom on the Sinister Six make them the Masters of Evil? I pass.

  2. I’m addicted to first issues. I’ll be getting this for sure.

  3. i love Dr. Doom. I will at least check this out.

  4. This should be called:

    ‘Dr. Doom meets the Sinister Six who likes to think they are the Masters of Evil but in secret Doom just wanted some attention’?

    That is a better title.

  5. this sounds and looks like overkill

  6. I was starting to regret pulling this until I read the preview at ComicBookResources…now I am REALLY looking forward to it.

  7. Is Dr. Doom really the most evil Marvel character?

  8. @coltrane I’d say no and nominate Red Skull.

  9. booo! way too campy for my taste

  10. I loved the crap out of this.

  11. Me too, Tommy, despite Vic barely even being in it.

     And no, Doom’s not evil. He’s just prideful to the point of hubris.

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