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  1. arent they suposed to give out rings with these books

  2. Yep, I think they get the yellow ring.

     Man I’ve been digging this comic, It May not be off the wall nuts like in Morrison’s run, but still really good.

    What I wonder, will this issue bring back The Brain and Monsieur Mallah, since both died in Salvation Run. 

  3. Hmmm… I’m being selective about Tie-Ins, but Giffen is a good name and that cover is pretty snazzy.

  4. I’m probably gonna let my geek flag fly and pick up this issue for the ring, but I actually admire DC for doing something like this to get readers to try new books.  This team has one issue to impress me and try to get me to stick around for the book, lets see if it happens.

  5. I am getting this just because of the ring. I don’t know anything about the doom patrol, but I am interested to find out. Also I’ve heard the metal men backup is worth the 3.99 so this might be my jumping on point for the series

  6. my week would feel wrong without black lantrens

  7. Well I’m glad the crossover is making you guys check this out, I’ve been loving this series.

  8. Ugh a tie in already? Sad though cause the book probably needs a boost.

    Loving this series but I’m not reading Blackest Night and have no wish too.  

  9. getting it solely for the ring but I’m hoping fir good things

  10. alright rings!!

  11. I was expecting more pulls for this because of the rings.  I guess there just aren’t as many nerds on this site as I originally thought 😛

  12. jesus christ! I want one of those rings!!!

  13. @Luke : not reading Blackest Night!!!! Whaaaaaaaaat!! I’ve just reserved the first four issues and all tie ins at your local comic shop. Hope you enjoy them.

  14. i have been loving this. i am a big fan of giffen. in an interview he said it is a goal to introduce new characters and keep all the arcs to 3 or less issues which really got me excited for this series and i haven’t been dissapointed.

  15. Awwwww man! Everyone else got rings to?? I though I was chosen for my ability to instill great fear in kittens and squirrels =(

  16. My LCS owner was so pissed about this issue.

    He was grumbling on how he had to order so many copies of this issue just to get the rings. He knows, outside of 10 people, the majority of those copies arent getting bought. It was quite funny listening to this rant. lol

  17. my comic store dident even order this issue this week I guess it wasent enough readers of this book in my area besides me & five other ppl

  18. No ring for me. I was quite upset.

  19. I think DC has screwed the pooch with the $3.99 price point. I love the book but honestly if retailers are afraid to nut up to the 25 copies required for the rings that doesn’t bode well.

    Doing the math I am guessing that $75 would cover the issues and 50 rings. Since the rings are bringing 2 bucks through Midtown how could buying this Blackest Night tie-in be such a risk?

    IMO this DP is good and would be enjoyed by many who will never see it due to an extra dollar and shop owners being deluged with titles featuring the flavors of the year.


  20. I decided to try this title again with the Blackest Night tie-in. It failed to keep my interest.

  21. Yes I did buy this for the ring.

  22. Bought for the ring, which they ran out of and said they’d have to order some more in.

     Is Doom Patrol usually uncomprehenible garbage?

  23. I nearly missed out on this. People at my LCS bought up all the copies! Screw the ring I just wanted to read DP! I got mine from another store so whew!

  24. I jumped on for the ring. Doom
    Patrol did nothing for me but I thought the Metal Men back story was fantastic. I knew nothing about Metal Men but everything made sense. I don’t think I’d keep biying it for the Metal Men story thought bc I didn’t like Doom.

  25. Not even Blackest Night can make this interesting.

  26. great ring. shithouse book

  27. Wow, I thought it was a great book with a shitty ring.

    Or maybe it was just the fact that my LCS was charging $2.00 a ring, whether you bought the book or not.

    I loved the last page with the particular Black Lantern that comes back to haunt Robotman.

  28. Grabbed it for the ring

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