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  1. This makes 2 books — this and Amazing Spider-Man — that I’m getting this week just based on the solicit and the talent involved. 

  2. If this is pretty cool, I might pick up some of Morrison’s run.  I heard that is where it’s at!

  3. I feel like I should be buying this, but all I know about the Doom Patrol is anything from that one episode of Teen Titans…

  4. I think Doom Patrol is quietly some of Morrisons best work. He was just starting that push into comics as magic and pop art, but in a really low-key way that comes with his early DC work. The first couple of stories are good, but the Painting That Ate Paris is GREAT.


    Oh, and I will be picking this up for sure.

  5. The preview didn’t floor me, but I still wanna check it out.  I don’t think it is gonna catch me instantly though, especially if Morrison’s run is the better read.

  6. I was on board for this when I saw Giffen was writing it (sadly I also will be picking up Magog for the same reason). Then add DeMatteis and Maguire and I don’t know how you can say no.

  7. I’m looking forward to the Metal Men half more, but I’ll give these Doom Patrol fellas a shot. Banking on the talent.

  8. If not for the Metal Men i’d probably pass on this, but i’m going to check it out.  Oddly, i’ll be picking up Magog as well.  Why?  I really don’t know.

  9. Not crazy about Giffen (Bwa-ha ha, I hates Karate Kid) being assigned to this book, but I love the concept of the Doom Patrol, love the old-school members — and love Matthew Clark’s artwork.


  10. This looks fun but $3.99?!  Come on!!  Detective, Action, Streets Of Gotham, and/or Wednesday Comics is one thing, but they are taking this too far.  And Adventure is coming back with a $4 price tag next week too!!?  Come on DC, you’re killing my unemployment checks here!!

  11. Get a job. I hear they’re hiring at Hooters.  ;o)

  12. This was really pretty good.  Metal Men was even better.

  13. Doom Patrol was average… Metal Men was fun…  Kevin Maguire art made the difference…  too bad i can’t read Batwoman with a Metal Men co-feature…  that would be worth $4…  as it is, i am passing on these co-feature books and will consider Metal Men and Batwoman in trade format…

  14. I enjoyed the HECK out of this issue– both parts of it.  Doom Patrol was just insanely fun– just what I’m looking for in a DP book.  Metal Men was far better than a Metal Men story should ever be.  A home run by DC comics with this one!!

    Oh, and $3.99 for this?  Absolutely.  Just an amazing amount of great content, $3.99 is a bargain for this book.  Anybody that pays $3.99 for an Avengers book should really not complain about $3.99 for this package.


  15. this was a lot of fun. great teaser at the end of doom patrol for next issue – perfect crazy setup for them. and yes, the metal man portion was probably even more fun.

  16. Since my store didn’t even order two of my books this week, I went to grab this, figuring it was probably the book of the week hype-wise… and they didn’t get any of this in either… really disappointed in my store today.

  17. After reading the Showcase collections recently I was ready for this book. When I say ready I mean the kind of ready you are when the girl at the drive-thru says "pull ahead" and you have waited, smelling food, for 20 minutes then she hands you the bag ready. What I got was that feeling you get when you get 12 hot McNuggets instead of 10, more than enough sauce and perfect fries.

    I use the fast food analogy because this comic is like junk food. It isn’t groundbreaking or anything radical. But it was what I was craving and it was done perfect.

    Giffen’s appreciation of the characters and joy in doing them is apparent.

    I sure hope we get more than 12-18 issues this time and the creative teams stay intact. The only thing I would like better is if a Challengers of the Unknown feature could rotate with Metal-Men.

  18. I’m in love.

  19. Gave it a go and it was a lot of fun, I’m on board for now. Wednesday comics got me into Metal Men and I’m so pleased it’s the co feature, so good.

  20. This was terrific. But with the talent involved, how could it not be?

  21. I enjoyed the Metal Men feature more then the Doom Patrol.

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