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  1. Wow…I can’t think of the last time an issue of this came out.  Something to do with a pink-haired journalist at this point, right?  🙂

  2. Would this be a good time to start reading doctor sleepless?

  3. i would say stick to trades.  I loved this book when it started… about three years ago.  It’s definitely worth reading but I can’t remember the last issue.

  4. What’s the deal with Ellis? All his work comes out so late and he really doesnt have that many books that come out…

  5. It’s a good book, and the single backmatter is interesting., it’s just a bit of a slog month to month cause it’s so heady.  I tend to let them stack up a bit

  6. Tempted to give up on this if it can’t keep a regular schedule.  I like it, but not enough to put time into re-reading past issues to refresh my memory because it’s not out on time.

  7. @rift – Well currently there is: Doktor Sleepless, Gravel, Ignition City, Anna Mercury, Astonishing X-Men, No Hero, Freak Angels (every week online) & Frankenstein’s Womb came out two weeks ago.

    So, I really don’t think that’s an accurate comment (ok, maybe the delays part).

  8. @MacAoidh true but Ignition City was what 4 parts? Astonishing x-men has been completed, but was considerably delayed. Freek Angels does come out weekly but is only 12 or so pages. Doktor sleepless (as stated above) is always late. Im unsure about Mercury and No Hero just seems that with all this he is never on time.

  9. Gonna have to read the last issue to catch up, unfortunately. Hoping that it comes out on a more regular schedule soon, but I doubt it. =[

  10. Is this a good series? I’ve been trying to think whether to try this in trade or not. I hear good things but still not sold on it..

  11. @TNC: It’s good, it just doesn’t ever come out. It would probably be POW quite often for me if it came out regularly. I’d definitely recommend it.

    As far as this issue goes, it was very good. I was confused about some bits because of the schedule, but it ran pretty smooth I thought, and I loved the pages that jumped around from location to location, ending with "…Now." I don’t quite feel right giving this a 5/5 as I feel it didn’t account for people forgetting what was happening, and I also felt some things flowed oddly. However, still an excellent issue, 4/5.

  12. It’s hard to remember what happens month to month.

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