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DMZ #43

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  1. It seems like, although I’ve been enjoying DMZ well enough, it hasn’t really been a big deal in a while. Does it seem this way to anyone else? Either way, I’m excited for this, Ryan Kelly <3.

  2. There hasn’t been a bang-up story arc since before Parco.  Of course, Matty’s charachter has grown up since all those great, initial arcs.  Ryan Kelly is more than enough to get me interested though.

  3. @kwisdumb Yeah, I’ve kind of floundered on keeping this title going.  But I just love it so much so I’ve stayed with it.  But here of late, it hasn’t been strong.

  4. Yeah, it’s definitely stalled out.  This book has been coasting for sure.  I thought things were going to get good a few issues back, but it’s right back to coasting again.  Unless this one absolutely knocks my socks off, it’s dropped.  I may even take this issue out of my sub box and put it on the shelf.

  5. I love the angle Brian’s taking with this arc. I’m happy to finally read those obscure characters.

  6. Every time I think this book is losing its edge Wood proves me wrong. 

  7. I think when it’s all said and done, DMZ will stand with all the great books to come out of Vertigo.  At the least, it will be comparable in length, if not scope as well.

  8. A little thin, but I’m sure next issue will wrap it up strongly.

  9. I’m sticking with this book until the end. Last couple have been a little meh, but overall I’m still in deep.

  10. Wow, after not being excited for this outside of the art, this issue absolutely blew me away. The art is good as always, Ryan Kelly is a genius, but Brian Wood delivers on levels he hasn’t delivered on in quite a while. Both of them knock it out of the park for a fantastic 5/5.

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