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DMZ #39

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  1. WHY AREN’T PEOPLE READING THIS?  This was, by far, the best issue of DMZ in a long time.  Some major shit went down that I wasn’t expecting.  Something that will, likely, take DMZ in a new direction.  Tons of potential new stories were allowed for.  Love this book.

  2. This is one of the one books I look forward to most each month. I agree more people should be reading it, but I think most do in trades. Which is a shame as it reads great in monthlies, and without support there may not be trades much longer.

    This was a fantastic issue, Wood continues to surprise and amaze me with this title.

  3. Wow….what an ending……. this issue is going to really change the status quoe.

  4. That was a solid issue, then the last page was one of the bigger "oh… shit…" moments I have read in a long time.

  5. I started with this book when it began and loved it through the first several arcs.  It got a little ho-hum for a while until this most recent story arc.  The last page of this issue has me in love with this book again.  Wow.  NOW we are going somewhere.

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