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One bright Tuesday morning, the corpse of a killer whale shows up on the floor of one of Gotham City’s foremost banks. The event begins a strange and deadly mystery that will bring Batman face-to-face with the new, terrifying faces of organized crime in Gotham.

Be here for part 1 of the brand new 3-part “Hungry City.”

Art and cover by JOCK

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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 14.1%
Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Every issue really does get better and better. I’m finding myself actually looking forward to an issue with Jock as artist. That’s a testiment to how good this run is. 5 months ago I hated the idea of Jock being on here, but he’s certainly changed my tune about him with the issues he’s done.

  2. Killer Whale baby!

    I love the social change Gotham is going through!

  3. Is it THE Killer Whale, or just A killer whale? Either way, ya gotta love this zoo theme Snyder has going. I dunno where this headed, but I am loving every panel of it. Keep it up, Scott!

  4. One assumes there will be a large splash zone.

  5. Snyder is becoming a solidified must read Bat-writer.

  6. really glad Batman and Jock is coming back to this. I really enjoyed that first arc.

  7. Is this solicitation accurate? Surely this must really be Larry Hama and Scott McDaniel back to bring us another fantastic story with Orca, the best “super” villain created in the last 50 years!  Well, that’s what the cover makes me think of, at least. Fingers crossed!

  8. For some reason it doesn’t seem like Dick Grayson would make the face he’s making on this cover. Never seen him make that expression, and the nose seems almost Jokerish in shape. Excellent cover though. The cover was so great I had to look at it (too?) closely.

  9. How do you rate a book?  I’m new to this

  10. @Andrew  Orca! I love her – and that you brought her up! The whale does have a nod to Orca in it. Hope you guys enjoy 876. Let us know what you think! S 

  11. I’m more excited about this than I am about Inc!!!

  12. @robbydzwonar  As am I. And Batman and Robin has been kinda fun but nothing really special. Detective is rocking it at #1 Batbook for the moment.

  13. Detective has been the best Bat story out there lately, I love the struggles of Gordon with his son being a main plot.

  14. @jlc337  on wednesday stars appear next to the books and you can rate them by clicking and also push the pick of the week button to let everyone know what you’re favorite book of the week was

  15. Favorite Bat Book.

  16. Loving this book!!! Scott Synder and Jock has made this a must read book and one of my personal favorite runs.


  18. @ssnyder1835: Another hit dude!  You guys are on a roll!  I love Francavilla, but Jock fits your voice like a glove.  Hang on to that man!  You have one twisted imagination, and I love it.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.  Keep it up!

  19. Another good read. The art looks great. Interesting start for this arc.

  20. it was good, but i felt it was a bit too simple. Pretty linear story…., wish there could have been a bit more story in there. i guess i’m on guard since the first 3 issue arc i felt wrapped up too fast. I don’t want that to happen with this either. 

    The art by Jock was incredible. The page of Batman diving off the rooftops to the city below was rad.  

    solid 4 stars.  

  21. Great book! Loving this…but I heard the creative team is leaving over the summer. Now I am sad.

    I have pretty much decided that I will follow creative teams so if these guys go I will probably drop detective unless they bring on another really good team.

    I wonder if they will tie BatGirl back into detective since they keep delaying the launch? Hm?

  22. In a week full of great reads, this is my POW. This creative team is doing very memorable work. I’ll say it now: I can’t wait to put a nice hardcover of this on my shelf. Thanks Mr Snyder and co.

  23. I can’t express in just one comment how sad I am that the current team won’t be in Detective for much longer. 🙁

  24. @davidpentecost  @RolandofGilead  @Alexferrer   Thakns so much for the kind wors, guys. And no one said anything about us leaving TEC – definitely nothing about leaving Gotham 🙂 We’ve planne don this story ending at issue 881 (an extra-sized finale in August) from the start. It’s just the end of this story. the next couple issues bring the James Jr. story into the main storyine with Jock. And the summer issues will be the big finale – promise the best is yet to come 🙂 

     And @davidpentecost – like I said, thinkg’ll get really twisted and less straightforward past 877. We just wanted to do a couple issues that show the state of the streets, how vicious they’ve become. But it’ll soon open up into bigger, darker stuff… Thakns again!

  25. @ssnyder1835 You aren’t leaving the book? Yay! Sorry, misunderstood the article I read. Now I am happy again! This is an AWESOME book. I love the tone of it. Creepy and a page turner but still something that would be appropriate for a younger reader. Great job tomall of you.

  26. A ton of great books this week, but Tec was my POTW

  27. I am so happy with this book. The art, the writing, the coloring, all of it. This has been fun going and I cannot wait for more.

  28. @ssnyder1835  – I appreciate how each individual issue brings a fresh story and information that tie to the overall arc.  Fantastic.  Detective is my favorite book right now.  Thank you.

  29. What a great comic, I’m so glad Morrison decided to incorporate Batman and leave Dick in Gotham. In saying that I’m also stoked that DC gave Snyder the title, what a move. His writing is superb, fully rounded characters moving through plots that are genuinely interesting, the Francavilla issues that dealt with Gordon’s son were wrought with tension and moved from flashacks to the present seamlessly and Jocks’ art on this one was beautiful. May DC keep them on the title for as long as they wish.

  30. @ssnyder1835  – Please write this book for a few years, OK? And try to keep Jock on with you. This was my pick of the week. I had a feeling from the first page that this was gonna be it. The Beacon Building drawing was so realistic, the prose rich and engrossing, I knew I was in for something great. Then BAM the two page whale spread. And later, the one page of the body falling out. Awesome. 5/5. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see where this book goes.

  31. Really, this is one of the best creative teams tackling Batman in YEARS. It’s linear enough to follow, while still packing in the twist’s and turns. It keeps you on your toes, and provides some fantastic stories while still drawing the reader back to the lead character. Best comic on my pull list right now! Thanks Snyder and Jock!

  32. Scott Synder is the best, this Issue show me a new Batman era, after bruce Wayne, but i want to see him in the next issues, i hope so.

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