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Art and cover by JOCK

Size: 32 pages
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I’m really enjoying Snyder and Jock on this book.

To think that Bruce is not present in Gotham makes Dick’s guardianship of the city all the more special. Dick has been fulfilling the roll of Jim Gordon’s friend in a great way here, I love the relationship and the dialogue between the Comissioner and Batman.

What makes Dick’s story so special as Batman is the obvious father-son relationships in the book. With Bruce globetrotting, you get the sense that Dick misses Bruce and wants to do right by him. Scott Snyder is a sophisticated writer that can infer this nuance, and this is what makes the story complete for me. I can sense that when in a bind, Dick is not only thinking, “I’m Batman, how am I going to get out of this mess?” but also, “Christ, What would Bruce do if he were here? What happened to all of the times we’d be out here together? How many different ways could my life have turned out?”

I am confident that Batman is not 100% self-doubt, and by the next issue we’ll see how Batman confronts his current predicament with mettle. My attachment to Dick as Batman and as Robin and as Nightwing directs me to analyze his thoughts with compassion, as a friend.

I’m sure I have friends out there that also consider Dick Grayson a peer and Bruce Wayne as a very dark father figure.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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