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One bright Tuesday morning, the corpse of a killer whale shows up on the floor of one of Gotham City’s foremost banks. The event begins a strange and deadly mystery that will bring Batman face-to-face with the new, terrifying faces of organized crime in Gotham.

Be here for part 1 of the brand new 3-part “Hungry City.”

Art and cover by JOCK

Price: $2.99
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  1. cover of the week

  2. Hooray Gordon Tales!

  3. I thought we had another issue of Francavilla drawn Detective Comics this week?

    I could literally just read this book forever, my favourite thing on the stands

  4. so pumped

  5. The solicit info is off again (I think), pretty sure the switch up with the backstory to main story has things thrown off. Either way, I’m super pumped for this. I wasn’t able to read last issue right away because of a copy error and I heard so many great things about it that I was afraid it wouldn’t stack up, I was very happy to be proven wrong! Best Batbook of recent years after Morrison’s first few issues of Batman and Robin.

  6. A killer whale shows up in bank?  Sold.

  7. Yeah this issue is yet another two story issue and the solict is for next month.

    Still it’s another issue of full Francavilla art, can’t ask for anything more.

  8. Jock in? I’m out.

  9. @NathanNicdao:  Your loss.

  10. @NathanNicdao  i support your anti-jock sentiment, mate. he’s not my cut of tea either

  11. *cup

  12. This issue has art and cover by Francavilla… That’s the solicitation for 876, although it does show the right cover. 

  13. Killer cover.

    Last issue was my first issue of detective and I waited far too long to hop on board.

    This should be fun!

  14. is hoping this is good. I didn’t really care for the backups weirdness that happened before, and was kind of indifferent on Gordon’s psycho kid backup that was in the front. 

  15. No comment this month.


  16. Oh I can’t wait for this. I love the pairing of Jock and Snyder. The covers for the next few issues look fantastic. Roll on Thursday.


  18. @MegaPhilip  Yes, the solicit is off this month. This issue is all about Jim Gordon and his son. Next issue (876) is the start of Jock’s “Hungry City” arc, which brings the story-lines togther. Very excited! Let us know what you think! 

  19. Lookin forward to it. Loved the last issue. Also, that cover is fantastic.

  20. My POTW. Brilliant is the only word to describe both the art and story in this.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  21. This was insanely good.

  22. Fantastic. If Walking Dead wasn’t so damn good this would’ve been my POTW. And I’m not even through my stack. Not a bad dillema to have. 

    A perfect blend of words and pictures. A truly beautiful comic. Every panel could’ve been panel of the week. Francavilla’s use of linework and color stands in a class all his own. Barbara Gordon (the original) looks like she jumped out of Year One and into this issue.

    The twist of Jimmy Jr. not being responsible for the aviary, and the way that it mirrored Jim wrongly accusing him as a child was surprising and effective. I do hope Snyder has a plan for James. Now that he’s been brought back I don’t want him to leave. 

  23. @WheelHands  I promise, I have a plan for James. All will be revealed concerning him in Jock’s upcoming 3 issue arc, “Hungry City” 876-8.

  24. This was my POTW. It was the second book I read and I thought it was over. Too bad the third book I read was Walking Dead. This run has been great and I would buy a Gordon ongoing in a heartbeat if it was done by this team.

  25. @ssnyder: How many more times will we see a bird’s insides in this run? 🙂

  26. @TheNextChampion  as many times as I can fit bird guts in 🙂

  27. @ssnyder1835  I posted on your facebook already before I came here but I’ll say it again: this was freaking amazing! No lie and no sucking up, hands down pick of the year so far, 15/5! And I’m very excited to see it all come together as the story continues. May you have a long and equally brilliant run!

  28. As I keep saying every month… Favorite book on the stands. I thought I’d miss Dick in this issue but it was just such a fantastic tale.

    As soon as Francavilla stops drawing Black Panther at Marvel, DC should lock him and Snyder on a Gotham Central revival. 

  29. Like WheelHands said, just about every pannel has something amazing. If I had to only pick one (which, thankfully, I don’t) I would probably go with young James dressed as the Joker for Halloween, so many things wrapped up into one pannel. I think I’m with Alex, this book has dethroned The Unwritten as my most anticipated and favorite book for the moment.

  30. This was really a very cool Commissioner Gordon story and i enjoyed it A LOT. Felt more solid and self contained than last issue…..dark, twisted very cool. Francavilla’s art is amazing as usual. my only criticism and i’m sure i’ll get hated on, but I when i pick up an issue of Detective Comics, i’m looking for a Batman story….and this wasn’t, so i was taken off guard (i don’t read solicits) and slightly disappointed in that regard. Is this going to be a Gordon thing for a while or does Batman come back to the forefront soon?

    The “i just wanted to see where the eggs come from” line creeped me out. What an Effed up kid. haha 

  31. @WheelHands  You took your first sentence right out of my brain. There was nothing about this issue that wasn’t perfect. I actually would say this is a tie for POTW with Walking Dead for me.

  32. Between Snyder on this book and Cornell on Action, I am having one hell of a good time with my two favorite DC titles. Please keep up the good work. Love it!

  33. I loved the flashback of James Jr. dressed as the Joker for Halloween and Sarah (? I think it was) defending it while Sr. is flippin’ out. That was simply crazy! Should be a Panel of the Week moment other than that biggie that dropped in TWD.

  34. @ssnyder1835: Good to hear. Thanks for the reassurance. 

    @MegaPhilip: Yeah that Joker costume panel was genius. “Take that crap off your face right now!” Pitch perfect!     

  35. All I can say is WOW! Ok, I can say more: I loved how the suspense was being built all though out with both the writing and the art. I love that this is a serious, suspenseful, detective comic that is not a mature read. You could hand this to a younger reader or someone who does not want an “R” rated comic and they would still get an incredible story that is NOT cheesy in any way.

  36. @NathanNicdao  Actually, the story is excellent and the art isn’t annoying in spite of his style.

  37. Fantastic.  Well written and Francavilla’s art was increadible.

    I don’t think it’s as kid friendly as @davidpentecost does (I wouldn’t give a book dealing with sociopathy and mutilation to my nephew) but I get his point about the subject matter being dealt with without being overly violent and/or gory.

  38. Looking forward to this issue. Synder’s run has been great so far. I’ll have to check out American Vampires.

  39. This was such a brilliant book.  Cheers to the team of Snyder and Francavilla!  I’m ok with Jock, but Francavilla is kind of artist that just make Detective Comics feel right.

  40. Haunting. That’s the only word I’ve got for this issue. Rarely has a comic every actually terrified me, but Francavilla’s depiction of James’ cold eyes, conterpointed with his childlike dialogue… Gordons’ slowly building ferver… The flawless Batman moment…

    When I finished this book, I knew without question that it was the best thing I’d read this week, but I didn’t want to make it my POW because I didn’t enjoy reading it. Now, however, with a little time to process it, there really is no other choice.

  41. I hope we get a long run of Snyder with Jock and Francavilla switching off on art.  Didn’t think anything was going to top Walking Dead this week, boy was I wrong.

  42. This run has been amazing so far! If this was just a Jim Gordon book, I’d be so pleased.

  43. This is my favorite Bat-book so far. I say that as a big Grant Morrison fan.

  44. @WheelHands 
    >The twist of Jimmy Jr. not being responsible for the aviary

    What was the aviary reference? Was that from the last issue? I read too many comics to remember!

  45. BTW – this was so f-ing good! Liked the Williams-esque layout on the page with the keychain, the art was really moody and creepy, and the story… man, I forgot I was reading a superhero book. It was so engrossing and well written it would succeed in any format.

  46. @kennyg  thanks for the kind words – everyone!

  47. Wow! The story is super intense and well crafted, and while I can be luke warm on Francavilla at times, the layouts and line work in this were just amazing! I love it when a story jumps out and grabs me for 20 minutes and can fully command my attention and my imagination! Great work all around!

  48. Amazing. In 5 issues this book has established itself as one of the highest quality comics out there. Gorgeous art, smart dialog, and a truly compelling story so far. Seeing Harvey’s expression change after seeing the rat in the birds nest was priceless. 

    Tough pick between this and Walking Dead this week… 

  49. Nope! Gonna try and read it again tonight to see what all the praises are about however; I say it was a NOPE; for me very boring.


  50. Holy shit.  This issue is amazing.  The vibe here is so palpable.

    There is a type of Comic Book Magic, this feeling i get when i know I’m reading something fucking awesome.  It creeps into you and next thing you know, you’re completely sucked in.  First time this really happened to me was Identity Crisis.

    This issue was drenched in Comic Book Magic, and I had to fight to snap myself back into reality after reading it.  


  51. Great work on all fronts here. Love this book. I like how it’s focusing more on the “detective” part of Detective Comics. I love it when the pendulum swings in this direction!

  52. @Jupiterman  Agree.

  53. Pick of the week because this strikes me as the Batman story I like to read the most.  Completely agree with both diebenny and Jupiterman.

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