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Continuing the new series direction from the writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE) and artist Jock (THE LOSERS)!

A series of disturbing clues brings Batman face-to-face with Gotham City’s dark past and deadly present. Plus, Jim Gordon continues a harrowing search to uncover the truth about a frightening figure from his own past… Be here for part 2 of “The Black Mirror.”

Art and cover by JOCK

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Wow, another great cover! I have high hopes for this and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna deliver just like last month. I’m even looking forward to the second feature, which I never do!

  2. Why can’t we get more Jock interior art like he does on the cover? What is with his covers that he isn’t doing inside?

    Still excited to read this and see the Francavilla backup. 

  3. That would take time and that would make you upset.

  4. Can someone clarify a few things for me from last issue? I don’t understand the whole scene where Gordon goes to Wayne Industries to check the DNA. I get the whole Wayne funding Batman things, but why does Gordon assume that Dick Grayson knows how to “run a comparison” on DNA (which he obviously can and does, but how does Gordon know that)? And from Gordon’s point of view, why would Dick have been reading the Bludhaven PD files?

  5. @HailScott During the late 90s into 2005 Dick lived in Bludhaven and worked as a Bludhaven Police Officer.

  6. @PraxJarvin  Thanks! 

  7. @tnc – I’m pretty sure parts of this cover are photo-collage. So that’s part of it.
    Last issue was amazing, and this issue’s preview looks great – Between this and Inc. I honestly couldn’t tell you which Bat-book I looked forward to more.

  8. I’m happy this book decided to follow Dick. I’ve dropped B&R for the current arc and depending on how Tomasi/Gleason do, it may stay dropped. Glad i get my fill of Dick here.


  9. If it’s regular price and there’s a sale at the store I might get this for the cover.

  10. YES!!  More Batman!!

  11. Is it legal to make a book my POTW just from reading the preview?

  12. I will MAKE it legal.

    /darth sideous

    /nerd shame 

  13. I chose to drop Batman and Robin also, now I get my Batman fix from this series, and it is more like the sort of Batman stories I normally seek out. Plus this is a creative team you can’t say no to. I hope to get a loooong run from them.

  14. This cover has been the back round on my phone for 3 months, cant wait to read this issue.

  15. Liking everything about this book! This week’s cover is also especially gorgeous. I’m also looking forward to the back-up almost as much as the feature, that’s pretty rare. And since I wasn’t overly thrilled with Batman Inc. #2 (REALLY dug #1, though), this has serious potential to be my favorite Batbook.

  16. This is on the chopping block for me. The first issue was good, but I just don’t need another typical noir pseudo-detective story. I’ve read a thousand of them. The writing was good, but I didn’t think it was all that deep, interesting or innovative. The art was fine, but I’m not a fan of Jock’s sketchier style. I just don’t think scenes of mutant children, rooftop talks between Batman and Gordon, and the cliche of someone dying just before they could provide crucial information…are all that noteworthy. This stuff impresses you guys THIS much, huh? I’d be fine with reading it, but as it is I feel pressured by everybody to love it. So unless this issue really does wow me (which I HOPE it does), then I think I’d rather check out early and quit while I’m ahead.

  17. Loved this! Jock’s art is great as always.

    And the villian is truly creepy, even Morrison-esque. More please!

  18. Awesome cover! this’ll give me somthing to get signed at kapow

  19. I enjoyed this one. Probably even more than the first. Sure it’s nothing incredibly original, but it’s nice to get back to basics after all the Morrison madness. I like Snyder’s use of the gadgets like the finger taser in #1 and the face maker in this issue. He also has a really nice grip on the batboys’ characterization. The ending to this one cemented it as my POTW. The suspense in that scene was palpable. Great lead-up.

  20. This was a great issue. I like what Morrison is doing with Bat Inc. But this is how I want my Batman. Then the Gordon backup was just great. I had forgot about James. Does anyone know if this history is new or has he been in any books in the past? I can’t wait to read the next issue.

  21. This was great, that page of him jumping out of Watchtower is fantastic.

  22. @TheNextChampion  –well like the other poster said there is photo collage, plus Jock doesn’t handle the interior color. I’m sure thats a big part. The more i’ve looked at the past two covers, they pencils and inks look pretty similar to what he’s doing on the inside. Its the refined colors with halftones and other decorateive design elements as well as the compositions that give the covers that unique look. 

    I think it would be bad art direction to have that cover style for all the interior panels. It would all cancel itself out. 

  23. This arc is a model for Detective Comics. 

  24. I really enjoy the scene between Bullock and Batman. As I detail here.

  25. More plz.

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