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Two mystery cases collide, as Batman gets closer to finding a missing socialite while Batwoman uncovers a gruesome new villain who has grafted knives onto his skin. There will be blood – and souvenirs of victims’ flesh – in “Cutter” part 2!

And in The Question’s co-feature, the unknown mastermind behind the gun-running scheme hires a professional killer to take care of some unwanted female companionship. When Zeiss sets his sights on Huntress and The Question, bullets will fly and blood will run!

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Jock
Co-feature art by Cully Hamner
Cover by JH Williams III

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Does anyone know when Rucka is done on Detective?

  2. @vadamowens

    Next issue is his last, but I think he’s still doing the co-feature. 

  3. hes done with batwomen next issue but he is staying for the co-feature

  4. then david hine take over

  5. That sucks.  I may be done with Detective after this arc then.  Does anybody know if anything came of a possible Catwoman comic?

  6. Lovin’ East Coast time…. Ok, Greg’s a pretty open guy if you follow his Live Journal, I’d goto the source, and ask him what his plans are….


  7. I want a Batwoman #1 solicit before ‘Tec #863 comes out next month. That would be really reassurring to me and set my mind at ease.

  8. Does anybody know what the plans for Detective are after Rucka leaves?

  9. @flaco

    Continues the Arkham storyline from Battle for the Cowl. 

  10. Last issue was my first exposure to Jock. the iFanboys’ hyperbole stikes again! i thought it was pretty basic; in terms of craft and emotional expression. A major disappointment. It’s easy to make an angsty page with scratchy lines and blacks. Easy and cliched. 


    And the story was painfully stupid as well. What? there’s a serial killer out there who wants to make the prefect woman out of other girls’ body part?  Well, that’s kind of story that makes me hate CSI, NCIS and any other sub-average TV drama but in a comic it’s brilliant. NO! 


    Here’s the final word: Overrated

  11. Oh, it’s a hyperbole war is it?  Well, then let me just say that Rucka’s run on Detective contains in fact the greatest Batman comic stories I’ve ever read in monthly issues. 

    Wait, that’s not hyperbolic, but instead completely factual.  Great story.  GreatEST art.  All together, not too shabby!

  12. @Crippler: i’m pretty sure my commnet was anti-hyperbole but whatev’s

  13. I thought last issue was a major drop-off but still quite good. Basic and routine, on some levels, but still stylish enough to more than keep my interest. I definitely don’t think Jock is anywhere near JH’s level…but,  no one can touch JH right now, so that’s not a bad thing. And I did think Rucka’s story smacked of tv cop drama cliches (points deducted), but to me that’s not an inherently bad thing, and Rucka kept fleshing out Kate’s world and supporting cast (points added), so I thought it was good overall. Put it this way, based on scheduling there has to be a break before the next JH issues (which will pick up the Crime Bible and Alice stuff), and I think the current storyline with Jock is a fine way to pass the time.

  14. I like Jock, I mean I think JH Williams is a god, but Jock is good too. Rucka’s run on DC -Batwoman has been the best super hero comic book I have read.

    But I will say one thing about this issue, it kind of makes me feel bad that Batman could not take care of this psycho the first time he showed up. I expect Rucka to tell a great story. 

  15. Last issue was the first one since Rucka came on that I actually liked.  Thought both Elegy and Go were boring but beautiful.  I’m little underwhelmed by Jock, having only seen his covers, but I still like his work.

  16. Still loving this book. Great on all fronts.

  17. What other work has David Hine done?

  18. @stuc The stuff I know about are X-Men: The 198, X-Men Civil War, Spider-Man Noir, and FVZA.  He’s kind of meh…

  19. Jock is overrated? Did you guys read the last issue? Y’know, the first fucking page?!

  20. Can’t wait for this. Wish there would be a Batwoman ongoing.

  21. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Alway think of David Hine as a "filler" writer at Marvel.
    I get the sense that editors go to him with their ideas for spin-off titles to major event titles . . . . like Civil War: X-men. His stories have never really stood out – so I’m expecting some filler issues with no substance ahead.

  22. I think Jock is great. No, he’s not JH Williams, but whoever replaced JH was always going to look like a lesser artist. I’m just pleased we got someone of Jock’s quality. The JH inspired splash page of Bruce/Kate was amazing. The opening chase sequence gave me a Loser’s flashback, which is a good thing.

    I think I said it last month, but if JH can’t commit to a monthly book I’d gladly take Jock for a fill in artist…add Cameron Stewart to that list, he drew the heck out of Kate in the recent Batman and Robin arc.

    Still no solicit for Batwoman #1, this makes we worry. I was to understand there was going to be a new #1 to reintroduce Kate to new readers, then the five issue finale to the Alice/Beth story (which I thought was already in the can). Will we see Batwoman again this year, these eight issues have been amazing and the highlight of my comic reading for the last year, I don’t want it to end.

  23. I don’t even understand what happened last issue.

  24. @robby: Exactly! terrible storytelling

  25. I’m dropping this.

  26. I thought it was very straight forward. Two detectives, one case, it’s a classic! A great way to show the similarities and differences between both Bats.

  27. Jock is one of my favourite artists. Looking forward to more of this.

    "Overrated" is a silly term. If lots of people "rate" it and there is one person in the minority, surely it is just a difference of opinion, rather than everyone else being "wrong"? 

  28. @ Copper

    Well put!

  29. Thanks for the feedback on Mr. Hine.  Doesn’t sound like I’ll be on the book going forward, but I might give it a shot from time to time.

  30. @Copper: nah, In terms of the discussion of the Pick of The Week Podcast (which i based the comment on) – You can totally say somethings are overrated. The iFanboys get excited and talk about things like there the next Watchmen. It happens every week

  31. @edward: I don’t believe that’s accurate. Being excited about something and really liking it does not equate it to WATCHMEN. I applaud your hyperbole, though.

  32. @Conor: Yup, you guys have never over-promoted something. silly me

  33. @edward

    Silly you indeed. 

  34. This is the SINGLE GREATEST thread in the history of the world.

    Last week’s thread was the SINGLE WORST thread in the history of the world.

    I have enjoyed the Batwoman issues of DC.  I think Jock is a pretty solid artist (though I think Mr. William III is better in many regards).  I think Mr. Rucka is a highly skilled writer.  I am looking forward to this issue.  Pardon me if I get excited. 

  35. @stuclach – This thread will usher in a new era of threads that will focus on more gritty postings and edgy opionions.

    @edward – Rucka is awesome and Jock did really good job last issue. Generally art is subjective, but you can tell what’s good and what’s not. Jock is good, he is not my favorite or your favorite, but he is not overrated. What does that even mean? If you like someone, why can’t you say you like them?

  36. @amircat: my first post describes why i don’t like it.

  37. look at that hamsome devil

  38. @AmirCat – Good one.

  39. Wasn’t a fan of anything before last issue, and this issue was kinda back to how it was for me.  I do like that it looks like they’re finally doing something with Bette.

  40. I love the parallel storytelling method.  It gives an otherwise bland story a significant amount of depth (in my opinion). 

    I don’t think I remember Bette.  Who is she?

    I liked the back up story.  Very Birds of Prey. 

  41. Decent issue. I think the main story got a little sloppy. Not hard to follow (though the 5 year-difference in the stories is not-at-all evident this issue) but it felt entirely too rushed and glossed over some things. I felt this issue’s second feature was quite good, too. 4/5

    @amircat To say art is subjective and then say "But you can tell what is good and what isn’t" is a contradiction in terms. There is no litmus test for good and bad art, it will only ever depend on the viewer’s interpretation and response as well as their engagement with the art. While I like Jock, I do think he often has storytelling issues because he would rather showcase what he can with his pencil than what he can do with a page. I also think he does "scratchy inks" too often – it’s like shaky cam in modern TV. 

    @stuclach Bette is Bette Kane the original Bat-Girl (spelt like that), post Crisis on Infinite Earths she became Flamebird (the costume you see in the issue). If I’m not mistaken she’s a little obsessed with Dick Grayson. 

  42. I think this has taken a definitive step down from the work with JH, but I still like it.  I’m pretty sure I’ll drop it once Rucka is finished.

  43. @Prax – How did I know it would be you who answered the Bette question?  Thank you, sir.  She sounds interesting.

  44. I gave this a 3. Nothing that amazing going on in it. I didn’t see the Flamebird thing coming, thought that was interesting. I’m actually looking forward to the next issue so I can drop this series… not that I have anything against Rucka (I’ve enjoyed his run) it’s just I need to buy fewer comics and with Rucka leaving the main feature along with Batwoman it’ll be a clean break.

  45. @stuclach I believe – and I could be wrong – that Devin Grayson used Bette Kane as a bit of a Mary Sue in THE TITANS. Devin Grayson is well known for being "in love with" (jokingly or for real has never really been defined) Dick Grayson. To the point that she changed her last name to Grayson. 

  46. Interesting.  I can’t wait to see how Rucka uses her. 

    P.S. I have also considered changing my last name to Grayson (that or Kilpatrick).

  47. @Prax-You know to much. You nerd.

    I enjoyed this issue. But something about this never-before introduced Cutter fucker being able to kick Batwoman’s ass every time just doesn’t sit well. And Batman got his ass handed to him too? 4/5

    I’m loving the backup. I have no intention of staying on the book when Rucka leaves and takes Batwoman with him, but I really enjoy the Question story. What’s a boy to do?!?! 

  48. @Stuclach:  my username on many other sites is dgrayson.

  49. @drake

    Get the Question in trade. 

  50. @edward – Why not here?

  51. If Edward is taken i use dgrayson – extremely interesting, i know

  52. My problem with this arc is that the different time frames aren’t evident to me when reading the book.  I know about them, only because it was mentioned in the podcast, but the fact that in the moment of reading I have no context takes me out of the story enough that it doesn’t have that same force as the previous arcs.

  53. @Spoons agreed. I hate to bring the following up, because Jock’s doing a great job and it’s a bit of an unfair comparison. However this arc just seems a perfect fit for JH, his love of symmetry, and informative by design layouts. In fact I wonder whether Rucka wrote this arc with him in mind, but for time constraints Jock drew it while JH moved on to Batwoman.

  54. Read the back up first and then the main story, as an experiment. It worked a little better for me. They both felt like two distinct things as opposed to the back up getting lost on the shuffle

  55. The best part of this arc for me is seeing Batman in Batman comics! =D

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