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  1. R.I.P? Check

    Catwoman? Check

    Hush returns? Check

    We’ll let’s hope this is a good tie in, unlike the Ressurection of Ra tie-ins…Ugh still makes me sick 😛

  2. Judging by the characters who are in it, who have nothing to do with R.I.P. so far (besides Batman, who I don’t think will be drugged out or insane this issue) my guess is this will be a minimal tie-in. But, we’ll see …

  3. I went and made the mistake of getting my LCS to pre-order this. Lesson learned.

  4. @JumpingJupiter – Did you read it already?

  5. I know a lot of the internet folks hated Hush, but I for one thought he was a very decent villian. I’m looking forward to this and seeing how Dini handles the character.

  6. According to Morrison none of these tie-ins will have anything to do with his story. It’s all DC trying to scam you (sort of, they are a business after all) out of your precious money. However, the majority of the "tie-ins" have the potential to be entertaining stories in their own right.

  7. I’d be buying this if it says R.I.P. on the cover or not, but I agree that DC are just branding it a "tie-in" to cash in on R.I.P., and hey, it’s a business, so you can’t blame em’ … but with the reaction the last issue of R.I.P. got, this might back fire on them, lol.

  8. @ Connor: No I didn’t read it yet. I mean that I’m disappointed in the R.I.P event and am sort of upset that I’m flushing 3$ on what seems to barely be a tie-in. Oh well. I’m in for the long haul for this one so stay tuned for my reviews.

  9. @JumpingJupiter – If you’re not a regular Batman reader, & just jumped on board with R.I.P. you might actually like this more than what’s goin’ on in Batman. Dini on Detective has been really good mostly (IMO), and should be a lot more strait forward & easy to read.

    Batman, Hush & Catwoman even with no direct ties to R.I.P. should be good stuff, mate. So, don’t write it off yet!

  10. Should be a fun issue. I suspect this will take place before Batman 676 (certainly before 677).

  11. Hopefully this won’t suck like Batman did…and maybe make some sense

  12. I’m one of the few who liked Hush, so RIP tie-in or not I’d still get it… Of course, it being an RIP tie-in is the clincher. I’m also one of the few having a great time with that book. Do I understand it all? No. Am I enjoying being lost in the mystery? Hell yes!

  13. Weither its a direct tie in or not I’ve been enjoying both Batman books.  They are the few DC titles that I haven’t dropped like a bad habbit. 

  14. I loved Loeb’s Hush story and am looking forward to the return of Hush.

  15. Like the Artist, Like Hush, Never read any of the Dini run of detective so dont know kinda on the fence about this.

    I know its gonna have nothing to do with R.I.P though which i am reading and actually jumped on board to read so im not sure.

  16. Can’t wait to see Dustin’s take on Hush. Without a doubt, my favorite current Batman artist. I don’t know what to think abpout this tie-in business. Part of me wants this to be as minimal as possible and let this Hush arc stand on its own. On the other hand, being in "WTF!" mode with the RIP storyline at the moment, a nice hint could put me at ease with Morrison’s big plans.

  17. "This epic story kicks off the countdown to DETECTIVE #850!"


    So is something special happening in #850 or is it just a nice round number?

  18. Awesome cover. Just realized that it’s Hush’s face Bats and Catwoman are ripping out of. I have been digging Dini on Detective and enjoyed Loeb and Lee’s Hush so I might have to give this a shot. Plus I would like to read something associated with RIP (however loosely) that actually makes sense after last week. 

  19. @headn00b – DC usually does something big with the anniversary issues. Judging by the timing with R.I.P. it will probably be the "Return of Batman"? Or Batman’s return to sanity? Or Batman gets out of rehab?

  20. I didn’t get this due to the shipment being damaged.

  21. This was good…but I don’t like Hush and why did he have to kill Doctor Aesop I kind of liked him.  Call me corny but I’m intrigued by a villian who kills based on fables and with that motif he could fit in with other Batman rogues.  Is he a new character or has he been around for a while?

  22. i like it, & i kind of like Hush’s whole thought prosses of ,the enemy of my enemy is my enemy; Makes hush a wild card, and i think it make him interesting.

  23. Boy, this feels more like the 1970s O’Neill Batman that GMo was going after. The art wasn’t great, but Dini gets the atmosphere of Batman very well. I totally agree with @Kory about the villain motif!

  24. @WilliamScurryJr- Agreed Dini owns Batman.

  25. DC, please give Paul Dini a full-time job creating Batman villains. Thank you.

  26. @Kory — This was the first time I ever saw Dr Aesop & his first (and last?) appearance as far as I know.

    My favourite part of the issue — Lefty Knox!

    My least favourite part — Catwoman huggin’ a full grown male lion & not being ripped to shreds.

  27. @WadeWilson-I Hope this is’nt his last appearance .  It’s hard to create a new villian thats interesting and not cliche.  So to me it would be stupid to kill him after only one issue but his "death" was ambiguous so I suspect he’ll be back.

    -Agree I loved Lefty Knox

    -And it was a stretch for Catwoman to embrace a lion that was in a feral rage just seconds before.

  28. headn00b has the best avatar EVER!… "Frankkkk!!!"

  29. I liked the story, but feel a little lost being so new to Batman.

  30. so where does this fit in?? is this before the batman issue when he’s high?? I enjoy dini’s one shots alot more.

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