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  1. This was surprisingly enjoyable.  Looking forward to seeing how it wraps up.

  2. Interested in how this racks up. I don’t think this is one of the best mini-series of the year or anything, but it’s been pretty enjoyable. Love the art as well.

  3. This was a great mini. I could read it past this issue if it continued.

    Digression: I wish Walker could have put in this sort of effort when he was on Punisher War Journal. Not that the art then was bad, but it was only one issue of a three-part arc.

  4. Was that really the last page? Really? Is it me, or did it just. . . end, abruptly and boringly? I feel like I am missing pages.  Wow. My first Kirkman letdown ever!

  5. This issue was kinda meh for me. Loved the last issue. Thought for sure he’d try to kill his friend in this issue before he died, just in case the dude goes evil and guns for his family or something in the future. Guess I misread the signals in the last issue.

  6. @HailScott:  No, it wasn’t just you.  It felt like I was missing pages.  This mini was pretty pointless. 

  7. That ending sucked!

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