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Just how exactly did Madame Xanadu become the paramour of both Jason Blood and Etrigan, the foul demon trapped inside him? On the road to Alba Sarum, there’s nothing but time for tall tales…and this one’s as unbelievable as they come!

Featuring guest art by Bernard Chang (DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS)!

Written by Paul Cornell
Pencilled by Bernard Chang & Diogenes Neves
Inked by Oclair Albert & Bernard Chang
Lettered by Jared K Fletcher

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Sweet!!! So looking forward to Bernard Chang on these characters. This should be good and I’ve also been quite curiour as to this crazy love triangle.

  2. Love this series, Great art and really interesting group of characters. Cornell had some badass action taking place last iissue and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  3. I think if you didn’t like last issue you should just move on to something else. I’ve loved this series so far – if it’s not for you I can’t see what could happen in this issue that would change your mind.

  4. I have this on my pull list but have fallen behind in my reading. How many issues is this first arc going to be?

  5. The first arc ended last issue. This seems to be a little aside until the action picks up again next issue.

  6. This book and JIM are both always just interesting enough to keep me buying, but every Wednesday they’re on the fence.

  7. Excellent issue! A nice backstory is told regarding Demon/Jason/Xanadu love triangle.

    Also, some interesting reveals about the cause of Camelot’s fall.

  8. Sad to see people rating this a little lower than usual. I really enjoyed the issue. This book’s biggest strength is its characters, and this is the most character-driven issue so far. It’s nice to have one non-action issue fleshing out the characters even more before the new arc starts.

    • Exactly! I gave it 5 stars. It was nice to finally have things quiet down enough to get some things explained. This will probably be my PotW.

    • yea totally agree, this was a great breather issue, I laughed out loud when etrigan offered the dead lamb to mate with xanadu(if its not in panels of the week I will be very dissapointed)

  9. This and the Shinning Knight one and done were the best of the series. Hopefully they’ll give each character their own profile issue.

  10. This was actually my least favorite so far. It’s no coincidence that this and Shining Knights one-and-dines have left me bored. It’s largely because I prefer the Seven Soldiers’ Camelot origin much more.

    I still love the title, but this fell flat for me. Between this and JLD, Xanadu has done nothing but get on my nerves. Which is unfortunate because I used to like her quite a bit. Aside from that, the artwork was all over the place. It wasn’t bad necessarily, just inconsistent. Looking forward to the next arc. Looks like it’s Demon Knights vs. Daemonites. Could be fun.

  11. This was a very cool story on The Demon and Xanadu, catching us up on what had transpired in thier pasts and why they are where they are right now. I like the way it was told as the group was traveling to their next stop, it felt very D&D like. She was spinning her yarn as even Vandal wanted more romance story, I did to. I can’t believe it, I was actually intrested in this little love story mixed with action. Merlin, Merlin I guess this is how it ended for you?! I gave this a 4.5 and really probably could have been higher since even the artwork on this title has stayed top notch!! I just need to be a little more stricter on what I give out on my ratings since there have been some really great title out there and this is one of them right now so I guess it is well warranted.


  12. I was on the verge of dropping it too. It seemed to be going nowhere. It really picked up this issue though. Strong character development and a final page that moved the story forward and tied it into Stormwatch.

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