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• “LOBO HUNT” part one!

• For anybody else, hunting Lobo would be suicide. For DEATHSTROKE, it’s just business.

Written by Rob Liefeld
Pencilled by Rob Liefeld
Inked by Rob Liefeld
Colored by Mathew Yackey
Lettered by Travis Lanham
Cover by Rob Liefeld & Mathew Yackey

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. I’ll give Rob a couple of issues to prove his worth.

    • Yeah. I caught the Word Balloon podcast with him, and while I haven’t always liked his stuff, I want the guy to succeed. His enthusiasm is infectious.

    • I have loved this title from the start……….heres hoping Liefeld keeps it going.

  2. Funny, one issue in and Liefeld already has an art blunder. How is deathstrokes left hand smaller than his right, yet the hand is closer to the viewer in depth? Shame.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaannnnddd I’m out.

  4. Well this was one fo my monthly books I was looking forward to and now this will probably be last issue. Did anyone see the preview over in CBR?? It just looks so old fashioned and seriously this proportion thing is going to drive me nuts, please Rob just write comics if you want no more artwork!!


    • Well I read it and you’re right the artwork is not great……not a deal breaker for me though….if nothing else he does have energy in his art. However, it is a definite down turn in the art department for sure.
      The story however was good to very good…..The script was clunky in a couple of parts but over all good. And I have to say I am really looking forward to Deathstroke vs. Lobo!
      Soooooo……I gave it four stars and I guess I’m still in for now….

  5. Might finish this arc and hopefully it’ll come back around and be good again.

    I’ve always been disappointed by Rob Liefield… wasn’t much of a DC fan till the new 52 came out, now I get like 6 titles a month of DC, it might be 5 if this one doesn’t pan out

  6. Well Rob has managed to really turn me off of a title again!! I will be cancelling this asap unless the artwork changes, I do not mind the stories Rob is writing it is just that his artwork is very bad. I really think if you give me three to four months of practice I could get my drawing back up to at least his level if not a little better. It all depends on proportions and how to draw feet in cetain situations. Sad, is’nt it? You know what I am saying, look at some of the panels and look at sizes and then the positioning of feet as well and how they are drawn. I am sorry for sounding like I am hating or picking in Rob however; he really needs to stick to writing and maybe covers without a need for proportions?? It was very distracting artwork to the story and now two of my favorite bad asses in the DCU look like two weak little cross dressers that have no idea how to…
    Why did DC do this to LOBO!!?? It really has me pissed off!!


  7. This made me laugh. It was like it was written by a little kid who wanted to make the coolest comic book ever.

    If you really want to read that, check out Axe Cop.

    • i agree, i thought the previous writer laid a strong foundation for a continuous story line and it seems rob throw it away and started fresh again. i was not impressed.

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