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Deathstroke’s tactical prowess is put to the test when the man who hired him attempts to renege on the contract. Pitted against a salvo of new assassins, including the vicious Road Rage, Slade must take his giant sword to the 405 freeway and proclaim himself the most vicious killer in the city of Angels!


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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. Another make or break issue for me.

  2. Really suprised with how much I enjoyed the first issue. Giving this one a shot.

  3. Go Slade, Go Slade kill’em all!! When he killed those little Bastards in the last issue I was hooked!!

    Just sayin’,


  4. This book and Demon Knights were the books I was most excited for. Demon Knights was crazy awesome but Deathstroke was crazy terrible, I had a harder time with him killing those kids than I did the baby exploding in Demon Knights, I think do to execution (pun!). Deathstroke wasting the team to ensure he was the most badass assassin in the DCu just seemed wasteful as they posed zero threat to him. Dumb writing and dumber story, makes this the easiest dump for me out of the #1’s I picked up.

  5. Simon Bisley is the man, his covers for this series are phenomenal.

  6. Issue 2 wasn’t great. Drop.

  7. I got the impression that this was issue #1.

  8. am i the only that thought this issue is fantastic?

  9. Call me crazy but I thought this was a blast! Explosions, Blood, and lots of Shoot em up bang bang! I had no exceptions for this going into it and thought the first issue was only average with a good ending but this second issue was just one hell of a ride! I’ll be sticking this one out for the first arc at least!

  10. I want to looooooove this book. Issue 2 for me wasn’t great. I am giving it at least 6 issues. Call me crazy but I want some strong character development.

  11. Is it just me or does one of the characters in the bar scene look like Lara Croft…

  12. I get how DC wants this to be an action-packed, bad-ass comic — which isn’t a bad thing — but I hope we get some character-driven beats with Slade, as well.

  13. The Die Hard 4 of comic books. I had given this book a 0% chance of being good, but I LOVE IT!

    It’s not going to be for everyone, but as a throw away action title it’s perfect at being what it’s supposed to be.

  14. I enjoyed the shit out of this book. I never really cared for Deathstroke as a character, and I still don’t necessarily, but I’m enjoying the art and the mayhem and the fact that there’s not depth of character. Just bloody mayhem. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but if it stays as action packed and inventively, unapologetically bloody, I’m sticking with it.

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