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“What a piece of junk.” – Luke Skywalker, A New Hope

You said it kid.

Now that all the DCnU number 1’s are out, I know which comics I’m staying with and which comics suck donkey dick. But man, I miss writing pissed off reviews, so with that in mind I was able to get my hands on a copy of Deathstroke for free and scratch my pissed-off-review itch.

Chapter One: I Do Not Give a Fuck About These Characters.
So am I suppose to like Slade? Or am I suppose to relate to the people he is slaughtering? I know next to nothing about Deathstoke, where he comes from, what is history is, what kind of food he likes, NOTHING! All I know is that he is a Badass – oooohhhhhhh, so fucking badass! I could give a flying rats ass if he is a bad ass. It would be nice if the motherfucker had any sort of charisma, but he is written with all the passion of Ron Jeremy fucking.

Chapter Two: Is This The Same Kyle Higgins That Wrote Gates of Gotham?
What the hell is going on with Kyle Higgins? I thought he showed potential in Gates of Gotham but with Deathstroke it’s like he recruited a 6 year old kid to devise the plot….

6 YEAR OLD: “Hmmm, what if Deathstroke was like a bad ass, and chopped peoples heads off for 5 pages? That would be soooo cool. Oh, oh, oh, oh and then, and then, and then we have him fight like a Transformer, or more like a Go-Bot, and he wins because he is so bad ass.”

KYLE HIGGINS: “Don’t say ass kid.”

Chapter Three: I’m Going to Have a Stroke.
Deathstoke is for people with short attention spans and low expectations from comics. It took less then 2 minutes to read and I felt like throwing the piece of shit in the garbage right after I finished. Comics like this give the genre a bad name and pave the way for more mediocre pablum to be produced by DC. Why? Because people LOVE Badasses and don’t want to spend more then a minute reading. Just give them some pictures to look at and take their money.

ahhhh, that felt good

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Your review had me laughing and super happy I jumped off this series after 1 issue. Thanks!

  2. I thought this issue was rather poorly as well. I rather enjoyed #1 though.

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