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  1. Okay I know, this is a low point for me.

    I mean if the team up wasn’t with Hercules, I’d probably ignore this. Cause the 2nd ongoing for Deadpool is really medicore. But it’s Van Lente doing two characters he’s great at, and the artist did the story in Deadpool #900 for Van Lente and he has an interesting style. Let’s hope this is much better then ‘Merc with a Mouth’.

  2. I’d probably ignore this if it wasn’t written by Lente. Who is going to be the writer for the rest of the series?

  3. @Scorpion: I think Mike Benson…..*shudders*

  4. I probably wouldn’t be picking this up if it wasn’t for Van Lente. I enjoyed his story in Deadpool 900.

  5. each issue is going to have a differnt creative team

  6. I like Van Lente and Herc. Crap… I’m gonna buy a deadpool book that wasn’t written by Gail Simone or Fabian Niciezia.

  7. @Prax: Embrace Change!

  8. Benson does a great Deadpool I look forward to his Zapata brothers team up issue.

     899 is gonna rock 

  9. At first I was going to say that I didn’t know who Benson is . . . but isn’t he the writer of Deadpool Suicide King(s)?

    I actually thought that mini was a solid 3 overall.

    If I stick with this, it will be my only Deadpool book. I dropped the main book and won’t even take a second look at Merc with a Mouth.

  10. I wasn’t going to pick this up, but since Deadpool is in this issue, I guess I’ll check it out.

  11. Okay this makes it way too obvious and shows how much of a freak I am with these two characters.

    But this was a really fun issue! Van Lente is born to write Deadpool and obviously his take on Hercules is funny. Then the artwork by Talajic is some really great stuff; he’s a nice artist to look out for at Marvel. I’m a bit concerned with this series because these two aren’t coming back on the creative team…..but if anything this issue entertained me the most this week. That’s all I have to ask for with this comic.

  12. Who is on for the next issue?

  13. Haven’t picked it up yet, but curious to see if a story arch will take place, or if it’s just a bunch of random team ups.

  14. I down for the next issue! Loved the last panel

  15. I am not on for the next issue. This book did nothing for me. I am just going to stick with "regular" deadpool for now. (I did enjoy the self-aware comment where Deadpool wonders how the heck he even has 3 books going!)

  16. This booked kicked major tushy.  Excellent.  I’m sure if Scott Ian wrote this, it would have been POTW.  Looking forward to more more more Deadpool.

  17. I really enjoyed this. I hope it continues to be this good. It has replaced the main Deadpool ongoing on my pull list.

  18. @RocketRacoon: I loved that comment!

    I dont know if Marvel picked up on it, but that was totally a slam on having 3 Deadpool books. Even if I’m a major fan of the character I gotta admit 3 ongoings is 2 too many.

    Still, re-reading the issue it was a lot of fun to read.

  19. well there is a 4th yes fourth book coming out. its a mini that spoofs blackest. i really didnt like this issue i found the story rushed and the jokes were veeeery lame the only thing i kinda dug was seeing aracde again.

  20. I’ve read better DPool.

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