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  1. I’ve been fooled by Benson before, not gonna happen again. I’d avoid this at all costs, even if you are a Deadpool fan.

    Although Barberi is a good artist, even though he’s Paco Medina with a different name…

  2. Just stop letting other people write deadpool already! 

  3. Well…the cover is really nice.

  4. ya Games of death was horrible.. I’ll check out #1 but if it isn’t good it’s dropped

  5. BOOOOOO!! Benson should just stay away from comic! Doesn’t matter what character he is writing, he still sucks.

  6. I will be trade-waiting this one.

  7. I’ve deleted all of teh personal attacks on Mike Benson, a writer who, as far as I can tell, none of you have ever met personally.  Dislike his work all you want, but try to keep your criticisms to the work itself.

  8. The Merc with a Mouth’s life is being turned into a disaster really if he is going to keep up this kind of life maybe I’am going to purchase this comic book especially his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine is kinda freaky he has’nt wore his battle mask and he has no face freaky very freaky really and he even has claws in his hands just like Wolverine but he is part of the Weapon X Program just like in the comic books.

  9. @evil09 all explained in the plot of wolverine.

    @all deadpool fans. If marvel wanted to jump on the Wolverine movie ban wagon why couldnt they get Fabian or Joe Kelly


    How about a joe kelly approve stamped for anything related to deadpool

  10. Conner’s right.  We should grade Mike Benson only on his writing.  Here’s a mini review of his whole career.

    Deadpool: Games of Death = D (not very good)

    MoonKnight  last few books = (can’t review b/c I haven’t read them.)

    Wolverine: Chop Shop mini = B (above average for a Wolverine mini)

    HBO’s Entourage (TV show) = A (Who doesn’t love Entourage?)

    2008 Punisher MAX Annual  = G (Worse than an F) 

  11. Games of death was terrible, and Benson killed Moon Knight for me, which is sad since I had liked Moon Knight, but he is just a terrible writer. I don’t have much interest in this mini-series, I’ll just stick with the main comic with people who can actually write Deadpool well.

  12. @Brandon: You forgot the Bernie Mac Show….(cause when I think comic book writer; I think of Bernie Mac and Entourage)

    @cyberauron: I would be all for either one of those guys write a one-shot for Deadpool. But Kelly is probably doing more work then ever before and isnt Fabian a DC exclusive?

  13. @Brandon: MoonKnight would problably get a D-. It was pretty bad.

  14. I liked that Punisher MAX Annual

  15. What a bunch of "haters".   Benson’s Moon Knight is really good.  His character banter is enjoyable and fast paced.   The book is gritty and fun and one of Marvel’s better titles.   I thought his one-shot was okay.  It was more joke driven than Way’s but lets be honest, the jokes were much smarter than Way’s book.  From what I’ve read and seen this Deadpool arc is off to a good shot.   And his Punisher Max annual was one of the best Punisher stories aside from Garth Ennis who is the master.   I don’t understand why people are dissing the guy because he’s been on hit TV shows.  It sounds so silly.  If you didn’t enjoy his one-shot the least you can do is this arc a shot. 

  16. i thought this one was wayyy better than the one shot.  it didnt seem like the same writer i give it a B-

  17. Ya Benson Redeemed himself in this.  Hopefully it keeps up.

  18. love deadpool…SO much

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