“TWO MUTANTS AND A BABY” DOUBLE-SIZED FINAL ISSUE CO-STARRING DEADPOOL! You know, before that red-headed would-be messiah/destroyer of the world showed up, Cable had another partner. That’s right: Wade Wilson — a.k.a. Deadpool! And while everybody’s excited about Cable bringing Hope back to the present to rejoin the X-Men, they’re forgetting the most important part of the story: The beginning, back when Cable first lifted the helpless baby out of her incubator up in Alaska. Wait — You don’t think Cable did that alone, did you? You don’t think he managed to make his way across hundreds of miles, avoiding Predator X and Purifiers without a little assist, do you? Hell no. Cable asked for help from his favorite Merc with a Mouth and now, finally, this action-packed, oversized story can be told. Before there can be an end, there must be a beginning.

WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
PENCILS: Paco Medina
LETTERED BY: Keith Aiken
COVER BY: Simone Bianchi

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  1. I really don’t want to support Deadpool, but it has Cable…. decisions, decisions.

  2. Duane’s last issue, I’m with it. Those first six issues kicked ass.

  3. I’m really excited for this.  I’m hoping it’ll work as a bridge between when Cable disappeared from the Cable & Deadpool series and the post Messiah Complex series they each got.

  4. Deadpool cash in? Yes.
    Does it matter? No.

    Cable & Deadpool was one great title in it’s hey-day. Sure Duane S. never did the series before. I am confident though this could be a lot of fun for fans of the old series and newbies. Hey if anything else, Paco Medina is the artist and he is phenominal for both characters.

  5. Is it bad that the flip-flop of names rubs me the wrong way?

  6. Like @TNC said.. yes.. total cash it.


    But the only thing that makes me happy is Cable & Deadpool was a great run.. they have good dynamic together.  and sadly every time i read a current Dp book it makes me miss thoses books.  So it’ll be great to see them together again. 

  7. It should be ‘Cable & Deadpool’ and not the reversal….that is a bit of a problem. Considering this is technically the finale for the ‘Cable’ series. But what are ya gonna do?

  8. Love it.  Cable & Deadpool was a good series because there was an overall plotline that tied every arc together.  That’s what’s missing from the Deadpool series.

  9. My POTW because it reminded me just how much ‘Cable and Deadpool’ was a great series in the past.

    I missed these two being together and Swierczynski gives us a great semi-retelling of how Cable got Hope out of Alaska. The art by Medina is also pretty damn good too; shows why he is perfect for the main Deadpool series.

    Sadly I know many people won’t pick this up cause of the ‘Pool hatred. Trust me as I say this, even as a fan of the character: You will like this comic. You don’t need to be a fan of either characters to enjoy this. It’s funny, action packed, and has good art involved. If anything it’ll just make you want to try the OLD Deadpool/Cable series and not read their current one’s. Also Duane S. takes some good shots at himself for the medicore run on Cable and X-Men lately….So there’s that going for ya.

  10. This issue was a slice of heaven, without a doubt the best Cable issue in its 25 issue run. Swierczynski gets the relationship between Cable and Deadpool 100% right, and it was filled with alot of good action and comedy. In fact, I’d say that this issue was a better send-off for the duo that Cable/Deadpool #50. I had a great time reading this.

  11. Just thinking about this makes me smile and eases just a little of the pain of having Cable & Deadpool so unceremoniously yanked away from me.  I will freely admit, I made this my pick of the week because it’s a comic I wanted to read in 2007, but whatever, I’ll take it. 

    I do miss Irene, though :(. 

  12. I tried 3 times to read this book since yesterday and I can’t. I hate it and I’m glad this series is over. So long Duanne Swkfbkfbdkjbdb, i’ll never read you again.

  13. @ohcaroline: LMAO! I did NOT expect you to like this one bit. Then again, didn’t expect Akamuu to hate it. Alot of shockers this weekend, next thing my parent’s will phone call me and admit that I’m adopted. =

  14. This was fun. Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking worked really well, though I wish this had had less action and more Cable and Deadpool just interacting. And Alaska looks pretty average midwestern town until you get to the snow wastelands apparently.

  15. I’m just glad this run is over with. Now I can get on with my life. This book was totally stopping me from having deep meaningful relationships.

  16. @Cromulent: you need an intervention.

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