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• The epic finale of DEAD PRESIDENTS!

• Not everyone gets out alive!

• I mean, besides the Presidents, duh.

STORY BY Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan
ART BY Tony Moore
COLORS BY Val Staples
LETTERS BY VC - Clayton Cowles
COVER BY Zach Baldus

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Amazing art Tony Moore! We all know his last issue on this book will be a knockout but all the best to him! It`ll be sooo much fun to read all 6 issues in one sitting 🙂

  2. I feel like this probably should have ended last issue instead of making it six. Zombie Reagan was fun and all but it felt mostly padding to be honest. Still, excited to read how on Earth Deadpool is going to fix this.

  3. This will be disapearing from my pull list now that Moore is leaveing 🙁

    • Do you want a cookie?

    • You should stick around thru the end of # 8.

      Issue 7 is a one shot that will sell right out, or get pulped. And if you’re a DP fan – give Hawthorne a chance to wow you. His stuff has been incredible. Hope you stick around. The scripts get a lot better too… 😉

  4. I love when they have dialog on the cover, my favorite Marvel now title.

  5. Good ending! Definitely a great send off for Moore since he’ll be gone for the foreseeable future. The opening double page splash is ‘Panel/Page of the Week’ worthy alone. Not sure if I am up for this new take on the multiple voices in Wade’s head though….Duggan/Posehn is gonna have to sway me on that. Although I do love how much ass kissing Cap did to Washington. I want an issue of that!


  6. If anyone is interested in checking it out, here is Mike Hawthorne`s page (artist starting issue 8). He is doing some awesome work and is extremely talented.

  7. I thought the last two pages were a really clever way to re-introduce the additional voices in Deadpool’s head.

    It’s disappointing that Moore will no longer be on this book but I’ll keep reading as long as Posehn and Duggan are writing it.

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