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• The grudge match you’ve been waiting for: DEADPOOL VS. LINCOLN!

• Deadpool de-undead-ifies AT LEAST twelve Presidents, easy.

• Guaranteed to make you better looking to potential mates!

Story by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
Art by Tony Moore
Cover by Geof Darrow & Tradd Moore

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Finally! I was getting worried.

  2. Yeah me too, I thought this was supposed to be double shipping

  3. Geof Darrow is really killing it with these covers. I’d love to see this as a poster.

  4. Is this Tony Moore’s last issue?

  5. Posehn should keep writing these forever. love it, i literally laugh out loud every issue. of course i am a dork like that.

  6. Finally! I needs me my Zombie Presidents!

    • I could not agree more with you. This book is everything I want in a comic book from the art to the story (outlandish and not of this world) to the humor I get excited when new ones are released. I got Killustrated, here’s to hoping that it can hold up to Posehn’s genius with this character.

  7. On the Lincoln vs. Deadpool splash page, was that Daredevil, Jason Aaron, Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan? I know it was Brian Posehn, but besides that, I’m stumped.

  8. Pantera and Street Fighter references from DP had me hooked on this issue. Definitely a highlight of my collection for that reason alone. These four issues have already redeemed the character from Daniel Way’s solo series, in my personal opinion. Remender still writes the best DP though, Uncanny X-force did a great service to the character. I’m not ashamed to be a Deadpool fan when it comes to UXF and this new solo title.

    • Maybe you could explain to me why so many people hated Way’s take on the character? I loved that series and bought every issue. This series is pretty good, but I feel like they’re trying harder to tell jokes and some of them fall flat. Although I do like the premise and the visual gags and Tony Moore’s art of course.

  9. This book is doing nothing for me despite Tony Moore’s art, dropped as of now.

  10. Loved this so much, top notch Deadpool dialogue with funny third wall breaking and clever jokes. Moore is top notch…5/5 potw

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