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Story by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn
Art by Tony Moore
Cover by Geof Darrow & Tradd Moore

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

When the last issue hit I really didn’t find myself enjoying it as usual. After re-reading it though later in the same week I found more to laugh at. Maybe I just missed some of the jokes the last time or they weren’t as funny the first way through. It was an ‘Anchorman’ situation where the second viewing is much funnier than the second. It makes me realize to not fully judge a book until you give it another go. After reading this particular issue of Deadpool twice I did find more to appreciate.

First off, Tony Moore does his own panel outlines. Maybe that isn’t too special but it’s really impressive that he draws his own grid in pencil. This entire issue has a more ‘rough’ feel to it so seeing the grids made it seem appropriate. Considering how much death occurs in this issue, Moore does not let up on the action. We quickly go from setting to setting and it is a lot for Moore. Of course he handles it all beautiful in his own twisted way. I particularly loved how many awkward poses he would put Deadpool in the beginning in his Marilyn Monroe disguise. The violence is really brutal here and while we don’t get a huge ‘shock’ like the last three issues you are going to see a lot of blood and guts. It helps to have Val Staples as your colorist and this is definitely one of the most colorful books Marvel has right now.

If you thought there wasn’t enough action in this Deadpool series than you’ll be happy to flip through this issue. Even with a second re-read not every joke here works but it is nice that Posehn and Duggan have a good batting average here. My favorite joke in this entire issue was they, for some reason, put James Buchanan along with the 1920s Presidents AND cop to it. Not the biggest ‘jokey joke’ of the issue for sure but it really made me laugh. Also, if you wanted to see a zombie Lincoln get into a fist fight than this will be a treat for you too. (I forgot to mention that Moore does a great tribute to Neal Adams here from ‘Superman vs Muhammad Ali’)

I like to re-read all of my comics because it gives me a time to reflect on my initial feelings. Every time I re-read this new version of Deadpool, whether I loved or just liked it, I find much more to appreciate. There’s a good amount of jokes in here even if there are some big misses along the way. That and Tony Moore has been the best artist for the character in a long time. With the final page of this issue it is funny that these guys can figure out crazier things for undead Presidents to do. Definitely looking forward to ‘Ronald Reagan in Space’ next month.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Really great review!:) Just wait until you you read it a 3rd time!:P

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