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Okay, so Round One of Deadpool’s epic battle with the bizarre intergalactic entity known as Id the Selfish Moon didn’t exactly go as planned but then again, with Deadpool involved does anything ever go as planned? With his reputation on the line, it’s now time for Deadpool to put up or shut up. Guess which one he’s not gonna do?

Story by Daniel Way
Art by Carlo Barberi & Walden Wong
Colors by Andres Mossa
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Dave Johnson

Price: $2.99
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TheNextChampion04/13/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. It’s been a pretty decent arc, but it hasn’t lived to its potential since the Macho Gomez issue.

    Great cover though. 

  2. I  think this will be my last issue of Deadpool. Hasn’t been doing it for me lately.

  3. @TNC agreed. Macho Gomez was a pearl. Its been kinda predictable since then. Which should NEVER happen in a deadpool book.

  4. Love the cover and I agree with Noto this might be my last as well. Another Marvel title on the ropes for me….


  5. Sounds like I’m lucky I missed the Macho Gomez issue cause I loved this arc! I jumped on at 33 and will most likely stay on for awhile. 

  6. I’m gonna give this one more issue, and hopefully the return of Macho Gomez makes it worthwhile. Cause after this dreck I really am considering dropping this.


  7. Please GOD get Deadpool back to earth!!! This has been a terrible arc, I haven’t laughed out loud for 3 issues….and being a reader since issue 1 and laughing the whole time this makes me sad. I think they needed some filler to lead up to this fear itself stuff and I know I can expect a lot more from Daniel Way so I’m not letting this (one of my favorite monthlies) go, I think they need to find a direction wirh good ol’ deadpool and just leave it (and I think that direction should be villainous misfit mercenary that only looks out for himself) no hero stuff, no outer space, no team-ups…just deadpool wrecking shop, wreaking havoc, kicking butt then takin names.

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