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“DO IDIOTS DREAM OF ELECTRIC STUPIDITY?” Somewhere in rural North Georgia, a brazen band of brigands have made the mistake of robbing Deadpool’s bus, stagecoach-style. But en route to delivering a hefty comeuppance to these redneck rogues, Deadpool makes a “shocking” discovery…as will you, intrepid reader. Brace yourself for the introduction of Appalachia’s own vilest of villains, the disgraceful WHITE LIGHTNIN’!

WRITER: Daniel Way
PENCILS: Tan Eng Huat
COVER BY: Jason Pearson

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. Is the cover a riff on something out of Scalped?

  2. Oh wow, no Medina OR Barberi in this!

    Never really read anything with Huat art in it. This should be interesting. 

  3. this book (and only this book) is always good for zany deadpool fun

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOO not Tan Eng Huat!!!!

    @TNC: No wonder you were asking about Huat the other day.  This may be a deal breaker. If he is the new regular artist I may drop DP.

  5. @JesTr: Judging from future solicts, this seems to be a one time deal. Although now it looks like Barberi is taking over Medina….

    Which is fine, since they are the identical twins of the art world.

  6. @TNC: I agree not much difference between them, which is a good thing.

  7. Huat’s pretty bad. I think he improved a bit from ghost rider to punished, but this could be really bad.

  8. I agree with @JesTr – Tan Eng Huat is a deal breaker for me. I won’t be picking up this issue or anything else he’s on. 

  9. I have no problems with Huat.  Liked his GR stuff especially.

  10. Good issue, a fun little stop gap before the next arc. Didn’t really care for the art too much, but it wasn’t completely offensive.

  11. @comicbookchris I agree, a fun little issue, it was actually cool to see deadpool acting heroish. The art was definetly not to my liking, and the coloring felt really muddy.

  12. Art was awful… it was AWFUL…..GOD DAMN AWFUL. (That’s all you need to know)

    Daniel Way though is making himself look good here. In almost a year he has made Deadpool from a generic anti-hero, to someone that is (almost) a full blown hero. Unlike other writers, Way seems to be adding more depth and characterization here and not go for the low brow jokes all the time. Also great attention to detail on how the southerns talked. Seriously it felt like Way took some time to research the dialect and not make it read generic. 

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