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Deadpool and Spidey square off against one of the deadliest foes either of them has ever faced, Hit-Monkey! But can Deadpool do what it takes to rid New York of this terrifying new menace, or will he wilt under Hit-Monkey’s soulful gaze?

WRITER: Daniel Way
PENCILS: Carlo Barberi
INKS: Steve Butler
COLORED BY: Ryan Devall
LETTERED BY: Dan Kratoochvil
COVER BY: Jason Pearson

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. So – is Hit Monkey a legit Marvel character, or did Way just make him up for this arc?

  2. @Grandturk: It is a Way idea and he was introduced in ‘Hit-Monkey #1’ a couple of months ago.

    I am expected a ballroom dance fight in this like the cover indicates. Or if possible a Haunted Disco……either way this will be fun.

  3. Last issue of Deadpool was a thankful improvement over the terrible issue #19. I’m digging Hit-Monkey and love how he’s the most serious think about this arc.

  4. I still don’t see why #19 was so terrible to so many. It was the same as #20 so….what was the drop off?

  5. I thought I would never sahy anything bad about Deadpool but



  6. @comicbookchris I really love the seriousness they are treating this character with!

  7. @peterparker18102 I totally agree, that’s why this joke works so well.


    @TNC Way can write Deadpool really well, but wrote a terrible Peter Parker. Being as half the issue was centered around Peter’s character, it really dragged everything down. Issue #20 was better because that’s where the action started, and the focus was shifted away from his character.

  8. @comicbookchris: I dont know about that. I thought Way wrote just as much Parker in the 2nd issue as he did with the first. I personally don’t find anything wrong with his take on him. Someone needs to be the straight man cause it anit gonna be Deadpool.

  9. I like Hit-Monkey but I’m not digging this arc as much as I thought I would.  I do enjoy the dialogue between DP and Spidey though.

  10. This was a bit of a……’meh’ ending. Overall I think this was a good issue until the last couple of pages. I don’t know why but the ending just felt a bit….not rushed but just not well done? Normally I’m not harsh on Way but I just didn’t see where he was going with the end. When you compare how he ended the X-Men or Bullseye arc; this is a bit of a weak ending.

    Still a solid issue and the best Deadpool comic around. Maybe just needed a rewrite to have a better ending. 

  11. i really enjoyed this, the stuff with the ff at the beginning was hilarious!

  12. @NextChamp Spider-Man was certainly in #20, but the focus was more on the action than the character interactions.

  13. I enjoyed this issue, it was completely fun through and through. I normally didn’t like Way’s take on Spider-Man, but the last few pages seemed totally in character. Good way to end the arc.

  14. I was dropping this series anyway to save money for books I prefer, but I was a little disapppointed in the ending here. Spider-man is loved and respected by NYC. When did that happen? Opinion is mixed at best, surely.

  15. Overall, one of the lesser arcs of this run. 

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