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“WHATEVER A SPIDER CAN,” PART 1 The X-Men? Pfft! Not really Deadpool’s style. Though he’s still committed to doing this “hero” thing, Wade’s more of a “lone wolf” kinda guy, out there doing his own thing. Y’know…thwp-thwp.

WRITER: Daniel Way
PENCILS: Paco Medina
COLORED BY: Marte Gracia
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Sabino
COVER BY: Jason Pearson

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Oh drakedangerz…’s calling out for you. 🙂

    Cannot wait for this! I’m not sure if Way has ever wrote anything involving Spider-Man before. Then we have the greatest villain known to man being ‘introduced’ in here. This could have the making of a classic!

  2. If this were the only Deadpool book on the stands, I’d be one happy ‘Poolhead. It proves that not all silly slapstick humor is derivative and lame. On the slapstick quality spectrum, I would liken this title to a ZAZ movie, while Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth would be a Seltzer/Friedberg movie (the assholes who did Date Movie, Meet The Spartans, etc…)

  3. this is a great book and i LOVE pool and spidey together (i still laugh every time i see that skottie young cover from asm with the pouches, he he) unfortunatley the utter crap that deadpool is in right now is giving him a bad name, although some of the deadpool variants that are cropping up are pretty funny

    c’mon those are FUNNY

  4. @PP from the solicits that I’ve seen going into April, the entire market is going to be saturated with Deadpool-esque shit.  I am not amused.  I think one on-going is enough.

  5. @ vada

    i agree it is annoying and the onlt deadpool worth reading right now is way on the main book, but thos covers did make me chuckle, wont buy any of them but i did giggle

  6. Addendum: I think one Deadpool comic/month is enough.  Anything else should be eliminated soonish.  But of course that won’t happen because more deadpool typically means a little more profit.  Or at least that’s what Marvel seems to think…

  7. @vada: Isn’t that a weird thing to say, where two years ago you couldn’t give away copies of Cable & Deadpool? Don’t get me wrong, I love Wade down to the bottom of my psychotic little heart, but it’s like we’ve travelled back in time to a 1998 issue of Wizard!

  8. @Casey lol. yeah, but that’s fucking marketing for you.  Honestly, I don’t blame them.  I just wish it simply wasn’t so.

  9. I remember being really the only person trying to push people onto this title. I’m not blowing smoke or anything, I was one of the few major contributors to make this as popular on this site. But now……I’m thinking that wasn’t a good idea cause now we have too much fucking Deadpool in our comics.

    I’m only committed to this series and only this series. Cause this is the child that started this mess and it still is fantastic to read month in and out.

  10. @TNC Wow dude.  There’s really no way of reading that without making you out to be pretty pompous.  I’m quite confidant that a large majority of Deadpool readers on this site were fans long before they read any of your posts, myself included.  Not trying to be offensive here, but I think you probably had very little to do with making Deadpool popular on this site buddy.

    As I’ve said to you before, read your posts before you post them man.  I know it helps me a lot.  Unless of course you wanted to sound pompous, and if that’s the case then just ignore anything you’ve just read.

  11. Also: Before anything else is discussed, *is* deadpool popular on this site?  Because I don’t think he really is.

  12. I bet it’d be a lot funnier if Kelly was on this. Though, Daniel has his Ways [cough, lame joke, un-cough]

  13. I love Spider-man so I’m getting this arc, but I’ve been Deadpool’d out, thank you Marvel. So I’m dropping this title after the arc is over. I know Deadpool will appear in all my other books so I don’t see the point in buying this one.


  14. @MEGAHERO or Fabian.  

  15. One of NextChampion’s reviews got me to pick up the first few issues of Deadpool.

  16. Deadpool was cool before everyone started reading it, now it sucks because its more popular.  lol

  17. This is the only DP book I read, and it’s enough for me.  It looks great and it’s often hilarious.

  18. This issue proves that Daniel Way is the best writer for Deadpool right now, and this continues to be the best Deadpool issue period. Everyone should (and probably will) ignore the rest of the Deadpool crap Marvel is bringing out. Just give this series a chance, and only this series, and I promise you will see why Deadpool can be such a great character.

    POTW for me.

  19. By "best deadpool issue period" I ment ‘best deadpool series period’

    Sorry bout that.

  20. That whole exchange about monkeys and elephants? Priceless!

  21. I agree with most of yall.  The Merc with a Mouth book, despite the awesome covers, is just too much DeadPool.  The X-Men arc was very entertaining.  The first Spidey issue went down smooth as well.  I wouldn’t give up on DeadPool altogether, but one book is enough.

  22. This sucked

  23. @drake lol.  I’m a pretty big deadpool fan and I didn’t care for this issue much either.  I think megahero was right about Casey guest writing on this combo.  I think it would’ve been much funnier.  The hit-monkey thing seems a little rediculous, but as times before, I’ve been delightfully surprised with how arcs have finished after weak beginnings.

  24. @drake: Such insight. lol

    I know we’re talking about this on twitter as we speak…

  25. This was definitely the weakest issue of this series. A major part of why I didn’t like it was because in all the Spidy/Deadpool scenes, I really didnt care for the way Spider-Man was written. An unfortunate miss.

  26. "You gon’ let ’em bring a monkey up inna club?!"

    "They didn’t bring the monkey, sir … the monkey brought them."


  27. Hit-Monkey was far more fun here than in his own one-shot.

  28. Fun until hit-monkey turned up, then it just seemed ridiculous…

  29. Was this in continuity though because i thought Peter worked for Jameson now…

  30. I did not like the art team’s depiction of Spidey.  He was wayyyyy too bulked up.

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