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WRITER: Daniel Way
PENCILS: Paco Medina
COLORED BY: Marte Gracia
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Sabino
COVER BY: Jason Pearson

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

I’m tired of this series being pushed into the drivel that is ‘Merc with a Mouth’ and ‘Team Up’. They are only similar in that it has the same main character people! If we’re going to talk about quality, then this is the ONLY Deadpool comic you’ll ever need. After the introduction to Hit-Monkey, we finally get the rematch Deadpool referenced in this issue: Spider-Man and Deadpool team up baby!

Daniel Way does not disappoint with this issue my friends. By the time we get Wilson meeting Parker in the Subway, this issue had me. For some reason these two character feel right at home bantering with each other. They just bounce off each other well and Way knows how to write Spider-Man. I am wary to type this down, considering his track record outside of Deadpool but…..If he wrote an arc for ASM then I would be down for it. Back to this issue, how hilarious is Hit-Monkey folks? Way does a nice job contrasting just how ridiculous is the idea and how serious this character really is. The jokes around Hit-Monkey, like the kid outside the nightclub, seems silly but the character itself….No it is dead serious. It’s like the liquid Terminator in T2, he just has no emotion and he never speaks. Terrifying really.

Don’t let the solictation confuse you, this is not the Paco Medina we all know and love. It’s identical art style brother Carlo Barberi. (They aren’t really brothers, but you’d be surprised just how close they mirror each other’s style). So while this does have the same cartoony style of Medina, there are some distinctions. Most obvious is the character models, which I will admit takes a time to get used too. Parker and Wilson (outside of their costumes) look a bit scary at first. Especially since the colorist seemed to forgot Deadpool had scars. But it’s only a minor issue, as once you get around that the character models do look rather good. Barberi does seem to show Spidey’s flexibility very well and shockingly he can draw mouths inside a costume very well. There’s a nice constrast to the club scene where everything looks very well detailed and colorful……and a realistic looking monkey too.

This barely edged out Green Lantern this week as POTW for one simple fact: Daniel Way can not only write a good Spider-Man, but makes this ‘team up’ extremely entertaining. It also helps that the main antagonist is a monkey posing as a hitman and Carlo Barberi does a nice job fitting in for Paco Medina. This is a great jumping on point for anyone missing out on the best Deadpool series PERIOD. Don’t be fooled into the traps of ‘Merc with a Mouth’, ‘Team Up’, ‘Deadpool Corps’, or any other shit that Marvel is gonna put out. This specific title deserves a bit more respect and you will see a difference in quality once you read this my friends.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I didn’t love the coloring – it would have been nice if DP and Spidey were drawn with more distinct shades of red. I hated seeing the characters blend in with each other to such an extent.

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