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  1. I wonder if Deadpool will stay around long enough to have a role in Second Coming.  He surprisingly had one in Messiah Wars.  It would be cool to see him again.

  2. This has been a soild arc so far. I wonder if we’re going to see that chicken again, cause that is the most realistic drawing of a chicken ever.

    Better cover this week by Pearson.

  3. That’s just fowl…  classic!

  4. Awesome cover. <3 Domino

  5. Let me know when this title stops being X-Men guest starring Deadpool & I’ll start reading it again. Lucky there’s 40 other DP books to choose from at the moment! =D

  6. This is the last issue with the X-men (for a while anyway),In Amazing Spider-man 610, Deadpool said he’d back to fight Spider-man in Deadpool #19. I thought there was already a Deadpool Team-up book, what’s with all the guest appearences.

  7. I’m so excited for the next issue actually! Another team up with Spider-Man is never a bad thing. Plus it could be the first case of Medina writing Spider-Man.

    But this will be a good issue, I dont wanna downplay it. lol

  8. So close to my POTW, but another Marvel character took it away.

    Wolverine gets owned by a chicken.

    Deadpool is smarter then Cyclops.

    Cyclops admits Wilson has moves.

    Osborn is very laxed on who he hired as agents.

    Plus a gorgeous two page spread in the beginning of this.

    Great issue and I cannot wait for the Spider-Man rematch next month.

  9. This issue was choice! Nothing like a good headbutting just to spit your cancer ridden blood all over a metal Russian.

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